Healthcare Testing Services

The Healthcare sector is dependent to a large extent on IT system for Electronic Health Records, Hospital Management Systems, Patient Applications, health monitoring, and analysis systems, research, etc. In this scheme of things, it may become catastrophic if there are interoperability issues in various systems or any software defect/bug gets slip-on production environment.

JKT with its Test Centre of Excellence for Healthcare is at forefront of providing testing services for major healthcare technology companies in North America, Europe and Asia regions.

Key USP of JKT testing services in healthcare domain is the right balancing of domain experience with certified resources on HIPPA /HL7 and other compliances as well as decades of experience in bringing test efficiency & quality improvement by reducing delivery timelines & Automation testing.


Our Healthcare testing services team supported by TCoE provides:

  • Compliance testing for HIPPA, HL7, FDA etc.
  • Integration testing for various systems conforming standards of HL7, CDA, DICOM etc.
  • Functional testing individual modules or entire Hospital Management System.
  • Platform migration testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Load and Performance Testing.


We provide re-usable assets for testing and thereby help reduce cost and release timeline adapting to innovative accelerators.

  • Standard suite of use cases applicable for >85% modules.
  • Automation testing framework, with cognitive coverage analysis.
  • Domain expertise with compliance of HIPPA, HL7, DICOM etc.
  • Testing expertise with ISTQB certified team members.

An example healthcare system is depicted below with few modules. We have pre-defined use cases for these modules and integration of various modules from workflow perspective as well as the conformation of HL7, CDA and DICOM.

Healthcare System Workflow

Fig: Healthcare System Workflow


JKT has been successfully providing testing services to Healthcare technology companies in areas of:

  • Hospital management systems.
  • Critical care centers.
  • Medical insurance platforms.
  • Healthcare technology platforms.

Customer Focus

  • Quick project rollout.
  • 500+ existing use cases, saving time and cost.
  • Comprehensive quality engineering leading to risk management.
  • Faster deliveries and shorter time to market.
  • SLA driven enga.gements directly linked to end user experience.
  • Compliance testing conforming to standards of HIPPA, HL7, DICOM etc.

Key Message Highlights

Dedicated Healthcare TCoE with years of experience in delivering services to major healthcare clients, JKT would add value by:

  • Flexibility and adaptive approach with re-usable assets on processes, use cases, test cases, frameowrks.
  • Focus on compliance testing.
  • Thought Leadership in healthcare testing.
  • Automation testing platform, saving time by 90% and more.