Hospital Management Testing

Gone are the days, when Hospital Management System used to be used only for user registration. Nowadays, with the growth of connected world & advancement of IT, Hospital Management System has evolved into system of various sub-systems and modules interconnected with each other as well as to Government registry for EHR and other records.

Real time data access to various systems such as Patient Applications, health monitoring and analysis systems, research etc. is need of the hour. In this scheme of things, it may become catastrophic if there are interoperability issues in various systems or any software defect/bug gets slipped onto the production environment.

Hospital management system deals with patients, doctors, medical staff, devices, pharmacy, blood banks, accounts, etc. and JKT is a leader in providing the testing services for healthcare applications.

Hospital Management System

Fig 1: Hospital Management System

Being a leader in testing services in healthcare technology, JKT provides the right balance of domain expertise with certified testing team members on HIPPA/HL7 protocols. Along with the SME testing team, having decades of experience in testing of healthcare technology, we augment well with our Automation Testing and Performance Testing teams to further improve efficiency and productivity of the testing team and thereby adding value for entire project.


Our dedicated Testing Services on Healthcare provides the following:

  • End-to-end testing of healthcare management system, i.e. Functional testing of all modules as well as integration testing for major flow.
  • Testing the application on major platforms, as and when required by the customers.
  • Dedicated team to test the healthcare management system on mobile devices while verifying its integration with the web application.
  • Having state-of-the-art testing labs to work on with the customers in getting their queries resolved to bring the best product in market.
  • Performance check of the healthcare management system through various performance engineering frameworks and tools.


  • JKT provides comprehensive Testing solutions to our customers where standardized set of HMS components are created which could be re-used, thus reducing the overall costs incurred by our customers.
  • We put lot of focus on Analysis, Design and planning while creating powerful system testing which includes testing flows for In-Patient, Out-Patient, OT, Labs, Pharmacy, etc – i.e. An integrated software which handle different directions of clinical workflows.
  • We provide greater flexibility to our customers in terms of custom-made solutions for handling the healthcare management system.
  • Various testing solutions are provided such as on-demand testing, comprehensive testing, release testing, outcome-based testing, Compliance testing for HIPPA/HL7 etc.


  • We have pre-built workflows and test data generation frameworks available at JKT for healthcare management system:
    • Patient registration workflow.
    • Fetching patient data from same/ different hospital(s).
    • EHR reports generation.
    • Scalable & upgradable functionalities for – OP, IP, OT, LAB, PHARMACY, etc.
    • Standardized test suite of reusable test components.

  • Our specialized testing teams are well equipped to utilize the existing healthcare management system’s components & provide tailor-made solutions to customers based upon shared requirements. We have provided solutions for the following:
    • Automation of Billing Process with RPA.
    • e-Health / Modernization / Transformation projects for Govt clients.
    • Enhanced Test Effectiveness for Healthcare technology Companies.

Customer Focus

Being a leader in providing healthcare management systems across globe, we at JKT not only caters the HMS related solutions for our customers but also gives a new dimension to the customer driven approach for a better final product.

Our dedicated approach in healthcare application testing projects provide the following:

  • Providing SLA driven engagements to reduce risk of application failure during development phase.
  • Providing faster deliveries on regular basis to make customers happy.
  • Providing huge time and cost savings with existing set of HMS related re-usable components.

Key Message Highlights

Having a rich experience of more than a decade we as a JKT team has created a benchmark in terms of providing best healthcare related testing solutions to our customers. Our USP are:

  • Experienced consultants in healthcare sector trained in HIPPA / HL7 compliance.
  • Comprehensive testing solutions covering integration, functional, performance and automation testing.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Cost saving due to re-usable artefacts and frameworks.