Performance Testing Services

As we all know, today’s toughest & biggest challenge which every organization face is related to how they can afford to achieve and along with maintaining their business-related applications at peak load and on scalability levels.

Let’s take an example where we have a retail website which sells various types of products, and web-traffic remains steady throughout most of the year. But around Christmas-time, Black Friday, etc. we see a huge surge in traffic which skyrockets; i.e. The number of transactions happening per minute go exceeds beyond expectations, and because it was not pre-planned, the system slows down or in worst-case crashes altogether.

We can just imagine about the brand damage and revenue which would be lost during every passing minute in this scenario & it’s all because the application was not effectively tested for the instant surges or, in other words checking the performance of an application at its peak load.

Without having any specific methodology for predicting the system behavior and performance under real-life stress conditions, these applications are literally exposed to drastic slowdowns/failures which as a matter of fact cripples productivity. Thus, we need an effective Software Performance Testing strategy to overcome such unforeseen challenges.


What JKT Offers?

JKT Performance Testing Offerings

Fig 1: Performance Testing Offerings

  • JKT provides end-to-end performance engineering consultancy, Test Data generation, Performance testing, KPI reports and key elements helping improve performance of application/system.
  • Our dedicated team of seasoned performance test engineers are skilled with required combination of product development, software testing and expertise over performance testing where we also caters capacity management and performance tuning.
  • We have developed Performance Engineering Framework which supports dedicated servers and cloud-based performance testing capabilities, for on demand scalability and flexibility as per the customer’s requirement required from time.
  • Our team of performance consultantsare proficient in using the leading commercial/licensed and open source performance engineering tools, like JMeter, WebLOAD, NeoLoad, LoadUI Pro etc.


  • JKT provides comprehensive performance engineering solution for Desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications.
  • We put lot of focus on Analysis, Design and planning for performance engineering project and not only on performance testing.
  • Various performance testing tools are used by our performance testing team(s) to provide result-oriented solution(s) to our customers.
  • JKT Performance Testing Solutions

    Fig 2: Performance Testing Solutions

  • At JKT, we have performance engineering-based frameworks available for on-demand scalability and flexibility as per the customer’s requirement and along with web-based solution using SOA architecture.


  • JKT deals in multiple industries, like – Financial, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Government sector to name a few & provide the performance testing services.
  • We have pre-built workflows, test data generation frameworks for specific industries, a few examples are given as:
    • Healthcare
      • Patient registration workflow.
      • Fetching patient data from same/ different hospital.
      • EHR reports generation.

    • Insurance
      • Customer Proposal workflow.
      • New policy creation workflow.
      • Claim registration workflow.
      • Claims processing workflow.

    • Logistics
      • New partner/vendor registration workflow.
      • Procure to cash cycle workflow.

  • We have expertise over sharing the key performance reports to stakeholders in the form which is aligned to business needs and coupled with our analysis & recommendations.
  • Our teams are well equipped to utilize the existing licensed tool already available with our clients and thereby getting better ROI, in addition to latest on-premise and cloud based tools available in industry.

Customer Focus

Moving a step ahead in IT industry, we at JKT not just caters the performance testing services, rather we call it as performance engineering which brings another dimension in catering to the customer driven approach for a better final product.

Our approach in performance engineering project for clients have been to achieve:

  • Optimizations of utilized resources.
  • Reduce risk of application failure during peak load.
  • Planning capacity of resources in line with usage trends.
  • Help improvement in application design and making it more robust.

Key Message Highlights

At a broader level, we help our customers to have multiple benefits through our highly expert performance engineeringteam which makes the customer delight while working along with our company. Some of the key points mentioned below have made us win the happiest customers:

  • We made our IT systems more efficient, thus providing best available services to our customers.
  • Improving the Business Scalability by making our systems to take/cater more work loads.
  • Catering to the Complianceeffectively by reducing the failures/optimizing the batch processing time.
  • Improving the Customer Services by reducing the overall transactional time.
  • Dealing with Technological Cost Optimization by following latest available techniques.