Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Organizations across the spectrum rely on IT applications to run their businesses. These applications generate immense business value after they are implemented, however, implementation could be a complicated and expensive affair. To add to this, application complexities often grow as businesses expand as does the need for testing those applications before they are deployed.

The key to the successful deployment of these applications is thorough E-2-E testing with Accuracy, Consistency, Speed, and Scale. This is possible with the automation of the testing.

It is pertinent to mention that test automation comes with a cost – by way of investment in relevant tools and skilled resources. But, if the test automation services are provided as a service to the organizations which are conscious of their budgets, it greatly enhances the meeting of the objectives of defect-free implementations in a shorter timeframe.


JKT offers Testing as a Service to its clients, where the services are delivered in two modes:

  • Testware that is needed for testing the applications is developed and the executable scripts are deployed at the client environment for the end-user IT departments to run and verify the applications. In this model, all the Testware maintenance necessitated by enhancements, CRs, Upgrades, etc is handled by JKT.
  • JKT takes over the complete testing services for the client and provides the services at onsite, offshore and nearshore delivery models with increased test automation footprint.


JKT has developed a test automation framework t-QA using the model-based testing concept. This framework delivers an optimal number of test cases with 100% assured test coverage, thus, greatly reducing the test execution cycle time leading to early deployment of the application. It provides up to 6x productivity increase.

Smarter Test Automation

Using this framework, E-2-E business workflow models are pre-built and these models would automatically generate test scripts for execution using varieties of tools like UFT, Selenium, RFT, etc. These models are rendered in a graphical mode for easy use by the end-users. There is no need for any hand-coded automation scripting. The complete Testware is data-driven and the end-users need to provide only the test data. The framework will take over from there to execute the scripts, provide the defect list and the associated reporting.


Currently, JKT has developed E-2-E workflows cutting across different T-codes for SAP applications deployed in different industry segments like Dairy, Cement, Pharma, Packaging, Healthcare, Manufacturing and HANA migration testing.

Customer Focus

Tapping on its deep expertise in SAP systems implementation and support, and being an SAP-certified solution provider, JKT, would be an ideal partner to the clients to provide the testing services. With clearly defined entry and exit criteria for different testing phases, JKT would be able to provide Integration, Regression and UAT services to its clients.

Our ready to use E-2-E workflow scenarios are deployed at client sites with little or no customization, thus reducing the TCO greatly for the clients.

Key Message Highlights

The benefits accrued to customers by t-QA solution provided by JKT include but not limited to:

  • Shift-left approach adopted will lead to early detection of defects thus reducing the cost of field failures.
  • Increased reusability of Testware leading to reduced cost and time.
  • The optimal number of Test Scripts leading up to 6x productivity gains.
  • With assured 100% test coverage and data-driven design, no scope for untested code slipping into production.
  • No need for upfront investment in test automation by clients.
  • One-Stop solution for all types of applications – new rollouts, Upgrades, Legacy Maintenance.