Usability Testing Services

In general terms, Usability testing could be referred as Non-functional Testing technique. It basically measures how easily the overall system could be used by the end-users, i.e. How a final product would be accepted in the market. It is basically the evaluation of user experience on a product or a website. The major purpose of usability testing is to improve an existing design.

At JKT, we provide usability testing services, which is our forte considering our expertise in usability analysis, domain knowledge and existing standard test case bank.

Our focus in terms of usability testing services is not only on web applications alone but also on mobile applications and desktop applications. We have specially designed test centers for conducting usability sessions with identified test users.


Our Usability Testing team supported by latest technology provides:

  • Dedicated communication channel between our customers & JKT team for better continuous feedback during usability testing in a project.
  • We provide best in its class fully functional usability testing services to all our customers to ensure that software functionality is performing as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Our dedicated testing team has an expertise over different set of usability testing tools, like – Qualaroo, UserFeel, Hotjar, etc. to name a few.


At JKT, we have a dedicated usability testing team for UX metrics. These UX metrics are quantitative data points, specifically used for comparing and measuring the user experience of all types of customer’s websites or applications over a period. Further, it can also be used to help in tracking the user experiences on these applications or, websites.

Our focus is mainly into Industry driven solutions which provides extreme flexibility to our customers in terms of overall satisfaction level, based upon the value for money been spent on the delivered product.

JKT has developed its usability testing framework suiting to most of the application, with some customization, if needed.

JKT Usability Testing Framework

Fig 1: Usability Testing Framework


JKT being a leader in Usability Testing related services has been successfully providing their services to the various sectors across globe:

  • Financial Sector
  • FMCG sector
  • Retail Sector, Including e-commerce segment
  • Healthcare Sector

Customer Focus

  • JKT endeavor is to provide efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Quick response time between the customer’s queries and providing the resolutions.
  • Following the best practices to cater the customer’s project specific needs.
  • Existing expertise over the latest technologies for performing user usability testing.

Key Message Highlights

With our dedicated testing team, with years of experience in delivering services to major sectors like – Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, etc. to name a few, JKT would add the value by:

  • Strong focus on the project’s accomplishments in a better way from customer’s perspective.
  • Being flexible enough to have an adaptive approach towards getting the best out of our JKT team in making the best product for our customers.
  • Expertise on end to end cycle of usability testing.