Beacon Technology Solutions For Retail

Beacons can have a powerful influence on purchases, app engagement and retention, and customer experience. You, as a retailer, need to use this technology to your advantage to stay abreast of the demands of today’s business and of competition.

For retailers, beacons can prove to be an effective advertising tool that boosts the power of personalization, provides insightful data and increases app engagement and retention. They are also cost-effective and easy to adopt and have proven benefits in relation to retail businesses where they are currently being utilized the most.

Bluetooth beacons are low energy devices that broadcast signals at regular intervals. These signals are understood by portable devices located in the vicinity such as smartphones, tablets or others. Beacons can then influence the portable devices to act in a certain way.

Our beacon-based technology solution for the retail industry is Herald Me, a mobile app that works on an android device with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This app will trigger the beacons. The app can save the unique beacon id associated with the physical devices and capture the image and custom message for notification.

The app is capable of handling an enormous amount of device data

  • If the mobile passes in the beacon radius, it identifies the beacon and alerts the user with an image and voice message.
  • The app is capable of announcing the message text as speech and repeating the message based on the settings.
  • The distance from the beacon is updated on every trigger.
  • Notifications are handled based on the ON/OFF settings.
  • Beacon details can be modified.
  • Same beacon can be updated or modified with different elements.
  • This app can be used to track the car in a parking lot and luggage tracking in an airport.

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