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Digital Transformation Consulting Services & Solutions

Our Digital Transformation consulting services deliver innovative, new age solutions that aid organizations in the seamless digital transformation of their businesses

Our solutions for Digital Transformation are aimed at helping our clients achieve accelerated time to market, higher efficiencies and greater productivity to bolster their bottomline. In a rapidly changing technology landscape where Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data & Analytics and wearables are driving business success, the Digital Lab leverages sustaining and disruptive technologies to help our clients stay ahead of the competition

The JK Technosoft Digital Lab is a group of highly skilled experienced and competent team, including mobile architects, web architects, senior UX developers, angular/node developers and data architects. The Lab’s charter is focused on:

Positive Surprises for our Customers

We work with our customers to identify a business case that requires a fundamentally different solution from Business as Usual. We hold workshops with the client’s team to identify ways to enhance revenue or customer experiences. After agreeing upon a business case, we build advanced technological solution for the business case.

Digital Transformation Strategy

While businesses are adopting digital transformation, they need helping hand in defining their digital transformation strategy. At the Digital Lab, we define digital transformation processes and frameworks for our existing/prospective clients


Innovation is at the core of our Digital Lab. We work in the areas of building innovative products, frameworks and processes. IoT, wearables, AI, beacons are a few technology areas where the JKT Digital Lab has set benchmarks in innovation.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Beacon-based Smart Retail
  • Smart Posters using Augmented Reality
  • Social Computing
  • Google Apps Integrator
  • Accelerators (native accelerators, m-commerce accelerators)

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