Social Distancing Radar (SDR)

Social Distancing Radar is one of the JKT’s smart artificial intelligence solution that helps the organizations, which are planning to reopen their office premises and stores, by integrating with the organizations’ existing surveillance system quickly and affordably.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos across the globe, most of the organizations across are planning to reopen their office premises. In order to start with the process, they would require a system that can monitor the users’ movements and identify overcrowded places within the premises.

In most of the places, there is an existing surveillance system which is a network of CCTV cameras, these cameras produce a live feed which helps the Admin/security team to monitor the presence information.

While cameras are good at recording in what’s happening and producing the live feeds, these feeds can also be utilized to monitor a user’s movements, overcrowded places, mask-detection, person identification, etc. and the collected information can be further analyzed the behavior, density, and the traffic flows.

Social Distancing Radar Flow

Social Distancing Radar (SDR) Flow

Fig 1: Social Distancing Radar (SDR) Flow

In nutshell, SDR empowers businesses to jump-start their business through a monitoring system that ensures a safe and secure premise by easy plug and digest the data (CCTV feed) from sources like IP CCTV cameras, and RTPS feeds of user’s movement, number of people in places like meeting rooms, common area, office cubicles, etc. SDR has a user-friendly dashboard as a presentation layer which provides various analytical insights as shown below:

  • Calculate the distance between multiple people in each vicinity.
  • Monitor, Detect and Raise the alert in case of any social distancing violations.
  • Neat and clean dashboard that depicts the overall situation in a Realtime manner.
  • Easy to plug with an existing surveillance system.
  • Cloud and on prime infrastructure support.

Social Distancing Radar Architecture

Social Distancing Radar (SDR) Architecture

Fig 2: Social Distancing Radar (SDR) Architecture

Add-on Features

SDR comes with add on features like:

  • Person identification.
  • Face mask detection.