Delivery Chain Software Solutions For Retail

JKT’s sPOS is a world-class retail delivery chain solution for CPG/FMCG companies and enables the automation of demand chain. It also allows access to a 360-degree view of the Salesperson performance.

  • Mobile retail delivery chain app for CPG/FMCG companies available for Android devices.
  • Built on and designed to run in off-line and online modes
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use UI.
  • sPOS Salesforce Automation allows the salesman to perform their daily activities like –
    • Order Booking
    • Customer Billing
    • Inventory Management
    • Receivables
    • Expense Booking
    • Day and Route Planning, Check-In, Check-Out
    • Real-time monitoring of Salesperson on the field
  • The solution involves the stock transfer from Plant to Distributors, between Distributors,
  • Manage Promotions, Discounts and Loyal customers
  • Reports and Dashboards for Marketing team and Management
  • Transactions from Mobile/Salesforce reflected in ERP (Inventory, Sales and Distribution & Finance modules)

Business Benefits:

  • Daily average Sales visible to central Sales, Marketing & Management team on Salesforce dashboards as soon as a Sale is done from Salesman’s Mobiles
  • Substantial increase in Collection efficiency and Banking
  • 10 15% increase in Sales collections within the first 3 month of implementation due to efficiency enhancement of field force
  • ROI – Helped in reduce working capital requirements by 1/5th
  • Live tracking of Salesman on the field from the Dashboard Google maps
  • Live updates on Inventory, Orders, Sales, Collections & Customer outstanding
  • Time spent on manual updates and reconciliation eliminated at various levels
  • Day/ Route Planning, Check-In, Check-Out of Salesman leading to productivity Reports/ Dashboards
  • Expense Approval process allows quick dispensation of approval requests

Demand Chain Automation Tool

Demand Chain Automation Tool

What Does sPOS do?

  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Operations
  • Central Control & Monitoring
  • Visibility to Top Management
  • Real Time Data

Key Features

  • Salesman – Day/Route planning, order booking, customer billing, collections, goods return, expenses & deposits, sales analytics, stock receipts & transfers
  • Sales Manger – Manager console, salesman location tracker through GPS, approvals, forecasting, view salesman activities, reports & Dashboards
  • Global Regional Heads – Performance reports, sales/stock analysis reports, forecast vs actual sales, stock visibility, promotions & discounts

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