Blockchain is a perennially growing data structure of linked blocks, each block connected to the previous via a cryptographic hash. Data is appended to blocks as transactions. Once added to a block and validated by the network, data is immutable.

Ability to introduce trust without relying on a third party, is one of the core strengths of a Blockchain network. Blockchain networks promise to deliver Transparency, Efficiency, Authenticity and Privacy.

Our team of passionate and proficient blockchain developers experienced across different verticals and industries along with comprehensive understanding of AI are empowered to build secure, scalable & reliable private and public blockchain solutions while aiming at operation streamlining and generating new opportunities.

Blockchain is an important cog for an organization’s Digital Transformation Strategy. Blockchain is a connected chain of nodes that records transactions governed by a decentralized consensus mechanism. The blocks are linked via a cryptographic hash. Transactions recorded and approved by the network are immutable.

In contemporary business scenario interaction and connectivity are vital. The most valuable businesses today are platforms that connect several parties. The parties are often across geography and in different environment. By bringing these parties together platforms generate value. Similarly, each business enterprise operates on a private system of record. However, there are millions of transactions that involve these businesses into exchange. Since they are on separate systems, the information flow is hardly smooth. Blockchain promises to reduce this friction in a business network by bringing all non-trusted parties on a single distributed ledger. Ledger acts as the system of records. Thus, Blockchain has a huge potential to unlock value.

JKT has a dedicated focus on Blockchain technology and its Digital Lab has been working on several Proof of Values (POVs) for our customers.

Our trusted, trained and dedicated blockchain experts are committed to assess and figure out the most suitable blockchain technological framework addressing your business needs and assisting in overcoming both trade/industry specific and technology related constraints.

We help enterprises to kick off their blockchain journey by minimizing risk, curtailed costs, swift and friction-less transaction processing with justified return on investment.

Blockchain Platforms That We Are Proficient In:

Approach Towards Starting Your Blockchain Journey

We co-create solutions by inviting out customer teams to be part of the Digital Lab initiative to create business value for both.

  • Take the “Lab” approach (POCs/R&D).
  • Get business SMEs involved early.
  • Co-create a POC / Pilot.
  • Prepare to fail fast.
  • Realize the value and Accelerate.

Some of the Recent Blockchain Work

  • Transparency in Government Fund Transfer using Multichain.
  • Death Insurance Claim Management using Ethereum.
  • Airline Insurance Claim Facilitator using Hyperledger.