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WhatsApp and Facebook users send over 60 billion messages every day. While many of these messages would be for personal causes, others are directed at business use. We are living in an era of Digitization where optimal customer experience is key to success.

Welcome the Chatbots, your own intelligent co-workers, a computer program your customers can talk to, through messaging apps, chat windows or through intelligent devices like Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

This brings us to a few important questions:

  • How important are Chatbots?
  • Do they matter to my business?
  • What’s my ideal Chatbot?
  • How do I assess my Chatbot success?
  • Optimal User Experience.

In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence was restricted to labs with fringe industrial applications. At times lack of training data hindered adoption while scaling with the demand was another major roadblock.

The scenario is rapidly changing as the tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook & IBM have introduced the AI engines in a cloud-deployed SaaS. These AI engines are pre-trained and using the concept of Transfer learning can be easily adopted to your specific use cases. Transfer learning doesn’t require a huge training set.

Conversational AI Chatbot Window

Case in point, Chatbots or broadly the field of Conversational AI relies on Natural Language Processing (NLP). The could-based SaaS NLP libraries are pre-trained in understanding the structure of human languages like English, German, French or Japanese. When a user types “Hey, my name is Jane Doe.” NLP engine parses the sentence and can understand that users wants to share their name and the name is Jane Doe.

Open-source implementations like RASA NLU have matured and production-ready. Chatbots built with RASA can be deployed to the environment of your choice. It gives more control against the increased implementation timeline. So, If the expected volume of traffic is significantly high you may opt not to pay thousands of dollars to the tech giants and securely deploy your conversational AI using open source solutions. You don’t have to worry; Our AI experts will help you understand & identify the best NLP platform suited to your business needs.

Your Role

When building a conversational AI interface for your company:

  • NLP is taken care of by SaaS APIs or Open-Source libraries.
  • We will handle platform selection, integration with your IT systems, deployment, UX/UI.

So, all you need to do is:

  1. Identify the subject of conversation. Most common use cases are:
    • a. Order Processing.
    • b. Sales Inquiries.
    • c. FAQs
    • d. Placing a new order for a freshly baked pizza.

  2. Share the questions your users typically ask in this context. The database of your website’s contact form inquiries or the call center logs is a good place to get this data.
  3. Personality of the bot e.g. Formal, cool, sassy, etc.
  4. How should the respond to a question?

Conversational AI Chatbot Potential

That’s all. Yes, it’s that simple to embark on the futuristic AI journey and have your own conversational AI Chatbot up and running. Naturally, you would want to know how a Chatbot benefits your business.

Business Value

  • Reducing costs: Deflecting live chats, email, and phone support through self-service automation reduces operational costs for your contact center.
  • Supporting growth without increasing costs: Handle more customer with a Chatbot & deflecting interaction by a live agent, grow your customer base, expand footprint, introduce new products & services.
  • Monetizing self-service: Chatbot gives you the opportunity to build and grow new revenue streams through proactive offer management and reduced shopping cart abandonment.
  • Improving customer loyalty: Reducing customer effort keeps customers coming back, profitability higher with customer lifetime value increase.

Approach Towards Starting Your Conversational AI Journey

We employ a Design Thinking approach to deliver a best-fit conversational AI solution.

Chatbot Design Thinking Framework

Industries That Can Benefit from Chatbots

  • Supply Chain:
    • Tracking of good and material.
    • Customer FAQs & Order status.
    • Roster Management.

  • BFSI:
    • Bank Balance & Claim Status.
    • Check status all within a click of a finger.
    • No waiting on IVRs.

  • Healthcare:
    • Appointments.
    • Report Submission & Diagnosis.
    • Health Tips & FAQs.

  • Utilities:
    • Monthly bills, complaints.
    • Adjustments & Follow Follow-ups.
    • Rewards & discounts.

  • B2C:
    • Product search on a lame eCommerce site.
    • To tracking orders from Amazon and likes.
    • Chatbot serves you 24/7 in any time zone.

Platforms That We Are Proficient In

Chatbot Platforms

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