Footwear Industry Solution

Manufacturing of footwear is subject to challenges such as in line planning, inventory management, scrap management and performance evaluation.

With 20,000+ Man hours of proven Dynamics track record, JKT’s ERP solution developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV fits your business needs like your shoes fit your customer’s needs.

JKT envisions to help create a modern and efficient footwear facility which in turn enhance value to the end consumer. An ERP implementation helps your organization to take decisions based on data enabling higher profitability.

Challenges in footwear Industry

JKT Footwear Offering

All the modules of JKT HEEL are developed with an in-depth of footwear industry, JKT HEEL helps businesses tackle footwear industry specific problems by providing:

  • Suitability for dynamic planning, execution and control.
  • Support for integrated End-to-End process.
  • Progressiveness for Human-Machine interaction in the process.
  • Location independent control and execution of processes.
  • Efficiency of process steps supported by the system.

Business Benefits of JKT Footwear Solution

  • Product Benefits
    • Reduce reporting turnaround time
    • identify Bottleneck on the go
    • Scrap management at cutting level
    • Live tracking of efficiency
    • Substitute material Analysis
  • Unique Benefits
    • Fits Pull/Push manufacturing system
    • Controls kanban/token-based systems
    • Manages Automated/Manual systems
  • Platform Benefits
    • Seamless Integrations
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Business intelligence and reporting
    • Flexible Deployment