Enterprise Application Integration Services

In business, communication is imperative between disparate segments of the company especially when crossing language and cultural barriers.

But in today’s world, communications between machines is just as essential, IT applications need to talk and interact for business productivity.

Improved Communication with BizTalk

BizTalk was released by Microsoft in 2000 to provide solutions for management, integration, streamlining and automating business communication processes across technological barriers.

Microsoft BizTalk is more than an intercommunication tool; it is able to Automate processes that would have required human oversight in the past.

Much of today’s IT is server based. With BizTalk, server adapters that support transport protocols are able to connect information and people allowing electronic data interchange, and business-to-business communication. Whether within the company or between companies, BizTalk can provide seamless communication.

For example, a BizTalk server can order products automatically when the available quantity in-store is flagged without the need for someone to initiate the order.

BizTalk at JKT

We at JKT can help you to integrate the enterprise applications (EAI) to save money, time and reduce the complexity of B2B and B2C communication with Microsoft BizTalk server development.

For the non-profit, BizTalk is a solution allowing you to serve more people more efficiently. The for-profit business can lower its overhead too. EAI solution help business to make better decision with improved business intelligence and synchronized information.

Consider the solution JKT have offered to a large logistic oil trading company where multiple customer want to send invoices in different formats like csv, text, PDF, EDI, email and fax using different type of send and receive channels including FTP, SMFTP, WCF, Cloud and File with some embedded workflows and legacy application integration.

Contact our team at JK Technosoft today to find out what & how we can make best out of it for your business.

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