BRMS Implementation for Your Progress/Non-Progress Apps

Define your business rules in a way that is intuitive, fast and easy – without programming.

With Corticon, you automate business decisions faster than with traditional rule engines or hard-coding business rules logic.

Studies shows that most errors are introduced at the requirement phase because of incorrect requirement specification, logical loopholes etc. We find them at time of testing (unit or acceptance) or worst case, we don’t find then at all, the system is running in live with defects which you do not even know. Progress actually have customer which identified logical error in their existing application running for 15 years while converting the business rules in Corticon.

Here in Corticon, we apply for technology to find the logical bugs at the initial stage of development cycle.
Ensures rules are logically correct using three magic buttons provided. – logical loops, conflicts and completeness

  • Separate decision logic from code
  • Empower business users
  • Performance
  • Fast and easy change
  • In other BRMS, only simple rules could be modeled. Complex rules require coding.
  • However Corticon, 100% rules could be modeled without coding
  • Extensive library of operators. – which can be extended

corticon business module