Make your legacy apps go miles, modernization is the way

JKT helps you to cut maintenance cost of your existing strategic applications and protect years of investment. We understand, you have invested huge amount of time and effort in developing these systems to deliver specific business requirements.

We ensure that your existing applications meet the ever-changing business demands by enhancing user experience, improving workflows, and enabling better integration of all systems. Our aim is to help you drive growth and profit out of your existing application without risk and disruption to your business.

Drivers of Modernization

Key Goals of Modernization

Our Modernization Approach

We understand that every application does not need a modernization. And we do not advice that straightaway! Rather, we take step-by-step approach to analyze the current state of the application and, bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our application modernisation solution is designed to increase the shelf-life of your current applications leveraging the advancement in technology, at a fraction of the cost. We understand that your core systems are mission critical and have been running successfully over many years. You would like to take it to the next mile without attempting any significant changes to the current functionality or compromising performance. In the process of doing so you may not be willing to change or rewrite your existing system on new platform. With our proven expertise to modernize the applications for our clients we have added many more years of shelf life to several ISV products and end-user in-house custom applications.

Our modernization solution involves one or more of the following:

  • Responsive UI development for Web and Mobile
  • SOA implementation using REST/SOAP
  • Middleware implementation for enterprise level integration
  • Cloud and SaaS enablement

Our modernization service also covers enabling business Intelligence solutions.

Over many years, we have successfully implemented and plugged in the 3rd party BI solutions using JKT Data replication framework and Solutions Accelerators (BI solution hooked to replication data). We have implemented near real-time data replication which gives a detail statistical view of any dropped record, failure, real time information via email or any mobile/handheld device. Our Business Intelligence solutions involve:

  • Data replication architecture design (one or multiple sources of data) for warehouse
  • Replication service implementation and validation
  • 3rd party BI tool hookup
  • Accelerators in SSBI, Pentaho Opensource and Oracle BI
  • Solution development (Reporting, analytics, Data/Decision Cubes etc)