Digital Transformation of Progress Apps, Strategy to Implementation

Progress application users are looking to mobile enable either part or major portion of their apps.

Choosing the technology and toolset is not the only consideration when it comes to mobile enablement and enterprise mobility.

Mobilize Your Progress Application

Key consideration goes to:

  • Adopting the right strategy along with correct tools / techniques to deliver the most relevant mobility experience to your customers
  • What is needed to start a mobility project for Progress application user
  • Tools/frameworks within Progress for mobile enablement
  • Utilizing the Progress Digital factory as a technology enabler

Data Security

  • Secure Connectivity
  • Data Encryption on device
  • User authentication

Cost: Multiple OS & sizes

  • Hybrid Apps
  • OpenSource framework
  • One REST service, multiple UI

Provisioning & ongoing management

  • Device provisioning remote data wipe
  • Upgrade controlled bycentral administration/App market
  • Device Monitoring

Integration and Connectivity

  • Interfaces built for integration with multiple databases
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Local storage
  • Background data synchronization

Mobile Application Development

  • Native App Development
    Application performance, Smooth user experience, great access to device capabilities i.e. GPS, camera
  • Hybrid App Development
    Works well of both version(Native and Web Application). Reduces mobile app development cost and enables access to device functionality using native plugin. Performance is close to native but not exact.
  • HTML5 (Web) App Development
    Are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the internet through a browser performance is close to native but not exact, does not leverage every OS feature or API

JKT Mobility Framework

Digital Transformation of Progress Application

  • Driven by Strategy, enabled by Technology
  • Technology and Innovation are the differentiators
  • Technology enabled products & services for
    • Improved Customer Satisfaction and
    • Increased Revenue

UI/UX Transformation

Enhance your customer experience, productivity, and stay ahead of the competitive curve by simply transforming your legacy application UI/UX

Platform Transformation

Upgrade your older, unsupported version of Progress, CHUI/client-server application to a web-enabled application with minimal architecture change.

Technology Re-architecture

Re-use and re-engineer existing Progress business logic; Create a new web/mobile enabled UI layer while keeping the underlying Progress business logic layer