Ready to Use Framework/Utility/Component for Your Apps

Our rich library of solution enablers and accelerators have helped customers developing solutions faster with better cost efficiency. Our toolkit and frameworks are time tested by many of customers and we have improved /perfected it with every usage/implementation.

We will be happy to help you with your application development goals with these toolkits, which can save countless hours of development time and cost

DB Replication toolkit

Near real time replication to MS SQL Server or Oracle DB for warehouse, Analytics, reporting and hooking up the BI tools

DB Monitoring Tool ( Proactio – GitHub)

Our monitoring solution (also available in OpenSource version), can help you monitor your enterprise database in Realtime and present you with useful dashboards of critical database parameters

Mobility & Modernization Framework

Our proven framework with reusable component code can quickly get you going on your modernization project

Webservice toolkit

Our JSON based REST wrapper can help you quickly develop and deploy the services for implementing SOA architecture for your legacy application

Multi-Lingual (google API based) Toolkit

Dynamic multi-Lingual toolkit for quick implementation of languages for your application, implementation can be swift and can save days of work

Address validation toolkit

Primarily developed for north America (USA and Canada) but can be easily extended to European and other region using valid API from google or you postal service

SSO Toolkit

Toolkit developed using onelogin as SP but can be easily implemented for other service provider

ABL unit and Selenium based Test automation (for Web applications)

Our framework for unit testing using ABL Unit can be easily extended in non-web applications however Selenium based framework for automation of functional testing is well implemented framework for Progress WebSpeed based systems