Database Monitoring App

Database Availability and database performance are very vital elements to your business operations. In Digital world, work happens on the move, then why not know your Database status on the move.

dBMon is the most Advance Database Monitoring Mobile App with Innovative features providing Live status of your QAD DB on your native mobile.


  • Live DB Status
  • App Server Status
  • AI Status
  • BI Status
  • Disk Space Status
  • Memory Status
  • Many more…..


  • Real-time Monitoring of Progress OE Database.
  • Database Alerts – Prevent before problem occurs.
  • Easy to Use.
  • All DB related status in One App.
  • Customizable to customer needs

Platform Used

  • OpenEdge Web Service
    • Exposing of the existing function on the network
    • Interoperability
    • Low cost of Communication
  • UI/ UX Design
    • Android – Material Design
    • IOS—Flat Design
  • App Development
    • Ionic Framework
    • Cordova
    • AngularJS