JKT QAD Barcode System

JKT QAD Barcode System is a complete End-to-End solution which will automate data collection where hand recording is neither timely nor cost effective.

JKT QAD Barcode System tracks data right from receiving the material, Inventory Management, Production & Shipment. You can do label printing using handheld scanners and seamlessly integrate to QAD ERP.


Configuration and print of Barcode label through QAD screen itself. Barcode Printer setup into QAD
Tracking of Barcode Labels from QAD system.

Goods Receiving with Barcode labels and Material transfer from one location to another location can be done. Label generation through Production reporting and Shipment process can be printed.


The Barcode system is easy to Implement & Cost Effective. Multiple Barcode Generation – 1D & 2D and can Print Logo / Images from Barcode Labels. It can print different sizes of barcode labels (4×2, 4×4,4×6). Can print & Scan labels using IPad /TAB, Barcode Guns or Scanners.


Benefits include

  • Fully automatic system through Barcode, eliminates human error possibility
  • Data Accuracy & Fault proof
  • Time Saving
  • Labor Cost & Efficiency
  • Seamless Integration