QAD CRM Integration

JKT has handled a few clients where QAD Enterprise Applications has been integrated with Salesforce.

Objectives of Salesforce implementation were to capture Indents, stock receipts, Daily Sales, Collections, Customer details at Depots through Mobile which will be synced with Salesforce & QAD.

The Salesforce to QAD integration also had to handle customers and their orders and invoices, along with pricing and stock inquiry. If there are customers on EDI Ecommerce, these orders after being loaded in QAD ERP, would be transferred to Salesforce using the API. Similarly any new orders placed in Salesforce and new customers were sent to QAD ERP.


The CRM integration toolkit is used to connect applications and automate critical tasks such as data synchronization, eliminating the burden of maintaining custom interfaces and manual data entry.

Data changes required to support new business processes replicate quickly throughout the enterprise. The data transfer can be done for both Inbound and Outbound process. The tool maintains a documented set of mapped transactions that simplifies application-to-application integration.

Both the systems are kept synchronized when the orders are invoiced, customers added or deleted and new items and price lists created. This interface through QAD will be monitored for any pending files in the queue that are pending processing.


  • Ability to automate critical data handling without the burden of maintaining custom interfaces or manual data entry, freeing up resources to focus on tasks that provide business value.
  • Reducing or eliminating custom code used for application-to application integration, trading partner integration, and data access.
  • Data integrity – Supports improved data integrity with automated, rules-based data synchronization, and simplified real-time update and access to QAD Enterprise Applications.
  • Compliance – Complete error checking and security, whether entering data manually or electronically ensures compliance.