Custom Salesforce Application development & Lightning Migration

Customers who have highly customized business processes and prefer having a flexible solution that can be easily fine-tuned as per the changing business scenarios, partner with JKT.

JKT team has profound technical expertise as well as sound functional expertise to engage closely with you and ensure that the smallest details are attended to and built as per your requirements.

We have experts in developing both Salesforce Classic as well as Lightning Platform solutions. Our team of technical experts can help build the best solution for your requirements that are future proof. JKT consultants are also well equipped to develop highly responsive custom apps that can be used across different devices.

In cases, where there is a need to convert insights or an innovation into reality, JKT proposes Rapid Prototyping. Our team has the skills to convert innovative ideas and emerging trends into visual and effective prototypes.

JKT Rapid Prototyping is a quick and economical method for experimentation. It is a four-stage process

  • Conceptualize
  • Visualize
  • Build
  • Demo and Validate