SFDC Rapid Prototyping

Customers who want an easy way to implement business process change or find new ways to engage with their customers, partner with JKT.

Similarly, in some cases where there is early stage complexity on SFDC implementation combined with limited clarity of what is desired, JKT works with customers on a Rapid Prototyping exercise.

In cases, where there is a need to convert insights or an innovation into reality, JKT proposes Rapid Prototyping. Our Rapid Prototyping team has the skills to convert innovative ideas and emerging trends into visual and effective prototypes.

JKT Rapid Prototyping is a quick and cheap method for experimentation. It is a four-stage process

  • Conceptualize
  • Visualize
  • Build
  • Demo and Validate

JKT also engages with customers (having nonstandard requirements) at the Pre-Sales Stage for creating Rapid Prototypes to validate feasibility and derive fit gap assessments

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities