Dairy Industry Solution

JKTDairy – the JK Technosoft SAP S/4HANA packaged solution for the dairy industry is an ideal option for companies to address their traditional operating challenges while ensuring the right pace for the implementation. With built in industry best practices, cost effective processes, JKT Dairy achieves faster ROI.

With ‘JKT Dairy’, you get to understand your business better by forecasting your enterprise requirements and deliver excellence in performance with increased production and streamlined operations.

Dairy Industry Ecosystem

JKT Dairy Solution Overview

  • Sales Route Application Module: This is specialized module developed to handle complete process of route, stores sales and deliveries. It starts started with creating a trip sheet for deliveries, update and approval stock reconciliation, determine the difference and doing the final settlement by the clearing open items.
  • Milk Processing Tool: This is an exclusive tool for processing information related to a variety of milk products. The tool considers all the receipts, issues and ingredients consumed during processing of the milk and generate a report to give distinct idea of the periodic performance of the plant on gain / loss. With compiled real-time data across all stages of production, JKT Dairy solution helps in analyzing the resource utilization and modelling cost implications which will ultimately result in higher profitability of the output.
  • Procurement Management Module:This is a unique tool which can optimally handle complex data related to payment terms and makes it extremely simple to handle payment details of both producer and logistics provider as well. The system monitors the procurement vehicle movement time, primary and secondary cost of transportation. This has also ability to measure route performance based on the quantity and quality of milk procured.
  • Route Performance Assessment Module: This tool helps in monitoring the milk producers in terms of the quality and quantity of milk produced along the route. This tool also taken into consideration the vehicle number, vehicle capacity in developing the utilization reports of different vehicles deployed along different routes.
  • Production Planning Optimization:The solution enables the system in generating more accurate demand forecasting reports as well as design cost effective production scheduling which results in greater control of the manufacturing processes.
  • Food Safety Management: With increasing complexity in food safety compliance processes, our solution has some exclusive functionalities in terms of tracking capabilities. It helps in recalling defective batches which are already delivered and helps in more efficient returns processing.
  • Batch Administration Management: The solution has the capability of performing traceability and defect analysis which can help in recall of targeted products. Data related to product shelf life and usability are used in generating unique numbering for the batches.

JKTDairy Solution Highlights

  • Developed by JKT Food and Dairy Center of Excellence (CoE), Dairy Digital Innovation Lab.
  • Built by Domain and Digital Transformation experts.
  • Tailored solution to meet industry challenges.
  • JKTDairy covers and address the complete value supply chain, right from farmers to Dairy.
  • JKTDairy Templatized delivery strategy, follow an agile approach and optimize the delivery time by leveraging tools and accelerator.
  • Directly reduces the implementation cost & timelines.
  • Core architecture of the solution is built and runs completely on 3-dimension axis.
  • Core Guiding Principles: Products Costing, Gain & Loss and Material Balancing tool.

Value Add

With In-depth industry domain knowledge and technical expertise, JKTDairy emboldens the company in making critical decisions. The key differentiators of the solution are:

  • Accelerated Productivity:Enhanced production visibility by introducing and instituting a holistic view of enterprise operations reducing the overall cost.
  • Collaborative Approach: The SAP ecosystem helps you address challenges specific to Dairy industry and business process needs. And through this ecosystem, customers and partners collaborate with suppliers, retailers and wholesalers to shape industry solutions and product roadmaps.
  • Accelerator Based Methodology: Our multiple tools and accelerators enhance the rollout process by rationalization of core processes, managing work packets for global execution and customer stakeholder communication using various accelerators to provide a preconfigured client management approach.
  • Improved Performance Margins: Lower TCO by providing best-of-breed business processes in strict adherence to dairy industry standards and scopes for new operational functionalities.
  • Optimized SAP Installations: Assured increased profit margins with price optimization across product life cycle with added features like assortment planning, forecasting and replenishment solutions etc.
  • Core Domain Knowledge: JKT’s strong partnership with SAP with a rich talent pool of trained and certified SAP consultants combine unmatched SAP expertise built on experience with numerous ERP engagements globally.
  • Powered by Simplified Process: Reduced IT landscape complexity and supports integration of multiple IT systems. This improves configuration accuracy and reduces service costs.
  • Highest Degree of System Stability: The solution consolidates information needed to run your business with key connections that are perfectly apt to accelerate ROI and grow beyond.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Reporting: Compliance with food safety regulations and ensuring end-to-end traceability and supply chain integrity