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Re-Imagine the Business Processes in a Digitalized Ecosystem

Technology becoming ubiquitous across the globe. New business processes and models that have evolved as a result of disruption across industry, are now becoming the key drivers of growth for the cement manufacturers. Things like real -time supply chain and demand sensing manufacturing are now a reality.

And when the digitalization is delivered by industry expert the value realization is certain. JKTCem is SAP-qualified partner packaged-solution for digital transformation that enables cement and building materials manufacturing companies to respond to specific business challenges and produce at reasonable costs, with better margins. Build on SAP S/4HANA, this tool defines new, integrated processes from order taking to passing the information down the supply chain to suppliers and how you design and manage your distribution network in the future.

To help you in adopting your digital transformation journey rapidly, we have designed industry specific frameworks for many different industries such as EC&O, Mill Products, Consumer Products, Auto Components etc.

JKTCem: A Simple and Proven Tool to Value Creation through Digitalization

JKTCem is a solution framework build on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management that not only establishes a robust core solution but also enables you to with an integrated platform for long term business growth. JKTCem provides reliable, scalable, and instant insights into all business data flow by covering end to end business processes for cement & building materials business. As a result of this, critical and complex businesses reporting such as NCR reports are being delivered as an integral part of the solution. The figure below shows some of the key benefits delivered through JKTCem.

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