SAP – Key Solution Enablers and Accelerators

JKT has a rich library of SAP specific solution enablers and accelerators that assist customers in deploying solutions faster and maximizing the return on investment.

  • RESOLVEX – is a tool and a process that identifies access risks easier than ever before. The tool integrates seamlessly with SAP, the most popular ERP solution.
    It is a non-invasive and does not interfere with the ongoing business transactions.
    Installation does not need a separate hardware (server) to connect with the ERP system.
  • Security Dashboard – For Monitoring and controlling of all IT Sensitive risks across SAP system built in SAP ABAP platform.
  • SOD Analytics Tool – Automated Excel based MACRO to find the Transaction level SoD present at user/role level built in Excel platform.
  • Mass Usage Data Extraction from SAP – To find the Transaction/User wise usage information from SAP system built in SAP ABAP platform.
  • Transaction Code Lock -Auto program to lock t-codes in SAP system based upon the usage data built in SAP ABAP platform.
  • Cleaning Dormant Users in SAP -Auto program for cleaning Dormant Users built in SAP ABAP platform.