JK Technosoft was founded in 1994, as part of the US$ 5 billion JK Organization. Today, the group is one among the top 10 industrial houses in India, with a global presence.

With over 70 companies engaged in manufacturing, retail, construction, logistics & transportation, insurance, chemicals, healthcare, education, software and IT Services and more than 50,000 people, JK Organizations’ business footprint spans six continents and 100 countries. The 125+-year-old group derives its ethics and values from decades of abiding engagement in national service and nation building. The business rose to prominence in Kanpur, India, under Lala Kamlapat Singhania, a nationalist, who heeded Mahatma Gandhi’s call for satyagraha against British colonial rule and burnt his own stock of English cloth. He also established the Uttar Pradesh Chamber of Commerce.


To learn more about the JK Group, visit http://jkorg.in/