Life @ JK Tech

Our work culture promotes collaboration and communication, encourages creativity and fosters a healthy work-life balance to foster an environment that promotes productivity and job satisfaction.

JK Tech is all about people

Our squad is the heart and soul of the company. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, we will help you find your passion and purpose. So, wake up and be ready to slay every single day. We value teamwork and keeping it real, because we know that a healthy work-life balance is the key. Our belief is when you are happy, you will feel more accountable and part of the team.

At JK Tech, we nurture inclusivity and equality. We have got each other’s backs and we are always down to hear your ideas and let you express yourself freely. Our culture is to encourage new perspectives and fresh ideas because that is how we grow and thrive.

So, if you are up for a vibrant and inclusive work culture, and passionate about making an impact, then come join the JK Tech team!

Why Work Here?

Hey there! Want to work for a company that values your skills and rocks at teamwork? JK Tech is where it is at! We are all about providing top-notch tech solutions for our clients, but we know our employees are the real stars. So, we’ve created a cool and supportive work environment where you can develop your skills, learn from your homies, and build a dope career. Get ready to unleash your creativity and innovation with us, and let’s make a real difference in the tech world! Are you in?

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Work Flexibility

We get it – life can be a serious juggle. We are
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We are all about vibing with your crew, finding joy in your job, and crushing your goals your way. You do yours, and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Careers FAQs

Yes, from your first day onwards we help you get friendly with the work and environment at JK Tech. We have a special “Buddy Program” designed for new employees that makes them get comfortable in the company and solves their work and operations-related queries.

Yes, we do have a Work from Home option depending upon your roles and responsibilities at the workplace.

Yes, there are various opportunities to work for international projects onsite and/or offshore.

As part of the learning and development initiatives for employees, we conduct:

  • Knowledge sessions to ensure employees are aligned with the domain and/or technology solutions offered by the company.
  • Functional training conducted regularly to upskill and cross-skill employees.
  • Fitness and mindfulness sessions to guide our employees in maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle.
  • Fun activities to maintain employee engagement and employee morale.

We endeavour to foster a transparent, diverse, inclusive and friendly environment and culture that is driven by “Collaboration”, “Respect”, “Attitude” & “Passion”. We aim at creating multiple opportunities for our employees to help them learn, grow and thrive. We empower each of them to not only take ownership of their domain but also come out of their comfort zone and seize new roles within the organization.

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