JK Tech Tribes

Hey there, you know what’s essential? Keeping that work-life balance in check!

At JK Tech, we walk the talk by encouraging our fellow JK Techians to get out there and chase their passions. That is why we have got JK Tech Tribes – groups of like-minded folks who come together and bond over their shared interests. Think of it like a secret society, except not-so-secret, and way cooler because you get to geek out with your crew. From swapping stories to building lifelong friendships, these tribes are where it is at. So come on, join the tribe, and let’s get our bond stronger.


Workplace can’t get more exciting when you have the opportunity to cultivate your hobby. At JK Tech, we believe in encouraging our fellow teammates to pursue their passion. Our photography community, Clickr tribe, welcomes our teammates to share their favourite captures and sharpen their skills by learning more about photography through interactions.


JK Tech envisions making the workplace a second home for all employees. Our teammates follow different passions, and each JK Tech tribe helps get together such people. We have formed the roadrunners tribe where biking enthusiasts can meet like-minded colleagues, share adventurous routes, and experiences, and get along for some fun-filled time. Bonding over love for biking makes coworkers build strong relationships.


Cricket has grabbed attention and admiration of many around the world. JK Tech is no different as we have our own cricket tribe: Mighty Strikers! The Mighty Strikers is a tribe where members can talk and debate about the current matches that happen around the world. They also get to plan tournaments and fun activities within the organization.

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