JK Tech's Hyperautomation Solution is a cutting-edge and comprehensive offering that empowers organizations to unlock their true potential in the digital era.

Evaluate business operations with Hyperautomation technology

JK Tech’s Hyperautomation Solution is a cutting-edge and comprehensive offering that empowers organizations to unlock their true potential in the digital era. Hyperautomation Solution combines the power of RPA, AI, ML, Process Orchestration, Cognitive Automation, and Data Integration. This helps to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, comprehend unstructured data, ensure accurate predictions, derive data-driven insights, and enhance operational efficiency across the enterprise.

As a dedicated Hyperautomation partner, JK Tech provides substantial domain expertise, a proven track record, and a customer-centric approach to drive successful initiatives. This partnership empowers organizations to confidently embark on their Hyperautomation journey, accelerating innovation and achieving sustainable growth.

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Benefits of Hyperautomation




Improved Productivity

Automation of Business Processes

Numbers say it All


Reduction In Manual Effort


Increase In Productivity


Faster Than Manual Execution Time

~ 90%

Reduction In Error Rates

~ 80%

Increase In Efficiency

Industry-Led Hyperautomation Solutions


Step into a new era of retail possibilities with technology-driven solutions to amplify success

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Reshaping the consumer goods paradigm with technology transformation for efficient operations

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Innovative solutions for the Insurance industry for enhanced efficiency and personalized experiences

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Reshaping an affordable and accessible Healthcare Ecosystem with our Hyperautomation & Data Transformation enabled solutions

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Hyperautomation FAQs

Hyperautomation is a holistic solution for the digital transformation of operational business processes through a collaborative convergence of technologies and strategies. It includes automating as many processes and tasks as possible in an organization. It is an intelligent integration of tools/technologies like RPA, Big Data and AI/ML, combined with digital and dynamic workflows, using iBPMS and a low-code/no-code development environment. These technologies are used by businesses to automate processes without requiring human intervention.

Gartner states that Hyperautomation is an unavoidable market state. It has also been coined by Gartner as one of the top technology trends in 2022.

Typically, automation occurs at a smaller scale, addressing individual tasks with solutions. The term Hyperautomation, however, refers to the use of several automated tools to automate tasks in order to achieve automation scales, such as machine learning and robotic process automation. Organizations today are looking to move beyond automation efforts to become more agile and resilient.

Hyperautomation emerged as there was a need for a more deliberate, organization-wide disciplined approach to automation, beyond automating business processes in silos. Hyperautomation is an extension of automation with an added layer of intelligence that allows machines or technologies and humans to work together to provide clients with value-centric services. Hyperautomation is also less expensive than other automation systems, which have a substantially higher total cost of ownership due to their fragmented nature.

The advantages of Hyperautomation are limitless. With digital transformation altering traditional business models and evolving customer expectations, enterprises need the right tools to elevate their resources from mundane repetitive tasks. Hyperautomation helps organizations relieve their critical resources from such tasks and make them technology partners and stakeholders in driving core business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Since Hyperautomation brings the leading automation technologies on a single platform it enables simplifying, automating, and managing the complex workflows within an enterprise.

It can drive significant benefits across the value chain, including increased efficiencies, better customer experience, informed decision making, increase agility and optimized costs.

According to Gartner, by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining Hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

The purpose of Hyperautomation is to make things easier. Collecting all data and processes under a single platform will improve the efficiency of the entire business by combining tasks handled by different departments. Thus, it can be implemented across a wide range of industries, like healthcare, BFSI, Retail, and many more.

To state a few examples, Hyperautomation can help the healthcare industry provide a better patient-centric care experience with means such as remote monitoring and digital health assistance. Furthermore, claims processing can also reduce a sizeable amount of time-consuming manual processing that comes with a heavy cost and labour.

Similarly, when it comes to the retail industry, businesses will find innumerable benefits like personalizing the shopping experience, reducing cart abandonment, warehousing & inventory, supplier management, risk management, and many more when they start leveraging Hyperautomation.

JK Tech enables companies to reap the benefits of digital transformation by employing Hyperautomation that helps achieve high-performance levels. As your tech partner, we will help at every step of your Hyperautomation journey. Our team of professionals will help you manage the full cycle of Hyperautomation right from discovering automation opportunities to measuring the ROI & value realization.

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