Progress OpenEdge Migration of Application Server from Classic to PASOE for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Empowering Business Growth through Technology Transformation and Seamless Migration.

The Client

Our client stands as a historic and esteemed international auction house, established in 1793, renowned for its exceptional auctions featuring fine art, antiques, motor cars, and jewellery. Based in London, England, the company enjoys a prestigious reputation in the global art market. With a legacy spanning centuries, it continues to attract artists, writers, and collectors, showcasing their expertise and influence in the art and antique industry.

The Challenges

  1. Technical Debt Challenges: The Auctioneer technology stack was burdened with significant technical debt, which hindered the maintenance and improvement processes.

  2. Maintenance Complexity: The accumulation of technical debt made routine maintenance challenging and, in some cases, nearly impossible, creating operational bottlenecks.

  3. End-of-Life Components: Many components in the existing stack approached end-of-life status or had already been retired, posing a substantial risk to ongoing support and functionality.

  4. Modernization Hurdles: The presence of extensive technical debt hampered the modernization efforts of the application, making it difficult to adapt to evolving industry standards and user demands.

  5. Critical Support Risk: The overall technical debt represented a critical support risk, necessitating urgent attention to avoid potential system failures and ensure a seamless modernization process.

The Objective

Auctioneer product aimed to embark on the journey of:

  • Better performance of the existing Product

  • Enhancing the customer experience

  • Update the technology stack to achieve the above goals.

The Solution

  • The JK Tech expert team of developers moved the application from a classic environment to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE).

  • We have adjusted the configuration of the PASOE based on the client’s existing architecture.

  • After providing multiple approaches for the PASOE and instance creations, both JK Tech and the client agreed upon the creation of a single PASOE with multiple Webapps.

  • Certain changes were made to the application’s code to ensure it functions properly after the migration.

Issues resolved in Upgrade execution-

  1. Security and Script Execution:

    • Issue: A Perl script couldn’t run due to spring security restrictions in PASOE.

    • Resolution: An HTTPS certificate was implemented on PASOE and configured with Apache 2.4, allowing secure script execution.

  2. Configuration Issues and File Mismatch:

    • Issue: Configuration files were conflicting, and JavaScript file names in the database didn’t match those on the server.

    • Resolution: Conflicts in configuration files were resolved, and the mismatched JavaScript file names were synchronized, ensuring a smooth migration process.


  • We have performed unit testing on every component that has been changed to ensure the functionality is maintained.

  • The test result and report have been submitted to the client.

Business Process Diagram:

The Benefits


PAS for OpenEdge is built upon the industry-standard Apache Tomcat web server framework, installed, configured, and monitored as a web server that supports easy-to-create HTML-based frontends for users of OpenEdge-based applications.


With Spring Security Framework included, this sophisticated technology is the foundation for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, ensuring trusted identity management by hardening the overall security of your OpenEdge application environment.


PAS for OpenEdge provides a scalable and cloud-ready server to optimize operations and reduce management costs.

Supports ABL Development and Deployment

PAS for OpenEdge is specifically tailored to support ABL application development and deployment environments. Designed to use significantly fewer system resources than the original OpenEdge Appserver, PAS for OpenEdge enhances scalability and improves the performance of your business applications.

REST Services

To build a safe, scalable API interface for your application, PAS for OpenEdge can deploy REST services using its RESTful Service Interface.

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