Enhance business expansion by leveraging Gen AI to breathe life
into your data, seamlessly integrating with current systems to
deliver measurable outcomes.

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Is your business preparing to embrace Gen AI technologies into your operations?

Today, forward-thinking industries are recognizing Gen AI as more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for profound change. Beyond boosting productivity and efficiency, Gen AI offers untapped potential for innovation and growth. Organizations must reinvent their current and future business practices and embrace Gen AI’s disruptive capabilities for sustainable growth in the digital age.

Key business considerations JIVA solves through implementation

Here are some key business considerations that JIVA solves through implementation-


Combine structured & unstructured data


Understand business patterns/context


Minimize cost & energy consumption


Orchestrate with business workflows


Avoid hallucinatory/perplexed responses


Enable multi-level user and data security


Provide an auditable path to explain the response


Drive high performance in large-scale usage


Leverage pre-built components for re-use


Deploy across multi-cloud/multi-LLM events

How can you engage with JK Tech for Gen AI intervention?

Use case of Gen AI-powered Orchestrator in CPG

JIVA- The Gen AI orchestrator is specifically designed to accelerate the deployment of enterprise Gen AI use cases. It thus enables organizations to merge structured and unstructured data and to utilize large language models (LLMs) for sophisticated data analysis.

A leading CPG company managed more than 42,000 dashboards that monitored various aspects of its supply chain, sales and operations. But for management to access the updates, they had to go through a cumbersome process that involved routing requests through the ERP system and multiple layers of bureaucracy. As a result, it often took several weeks to receive responses.

The complex nature of the record systems required the involvement of an expert with access to key segments of information. Despite managers having real-time questions and wanting real-time chart presentations during meetings, they lacked access to the system and the ability to use tools like SQL and Tableau.

A dynamic dashboard using a plain text SQL system was created. It was designed to avoid mistakes and create graphics instantly. With this setup, anyone with access to the database can get charts and tables by asking questions in plain language. A Conversational Finance application, configured for ERP systems was installed which would protect against errors.

This resulted in improving the text2sql generation accuracy by 96% which was eventually increased to 100%. The time needed to create charts was reduced to less than a minute and helped the company reduce the number of panels. Strict data protection was maintained at all times and all customer data was secured in its own environment.

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