Modernizing the Purchase Order and Approval system to streamline procurement resulting in the financial stability of the business

A US-based Home Improvement and Retail leader undertakes modernization of purchase orders to reduce the time to generate and raise a Purchase Order by 50%

The Client

The client is the 3rd largest home improvement chain in the US dedicated to delivering service and quality to the customers covering every home improvement need.

The Challenges

To complete the process of raising a Purchase Order a CHUI application, flat files, Word, Outlook, and at least 25 manual steps were in place. Business challenges included:

  • Process Transparency

  • Manual Steps & Intervention

  • Loss of efficiency

  • Lengthy process – difficult to coordinate

  • Security concerns

The Objective

The client needed to consolidate and upgrade the 4 processes of defining configurations and access, raising a PO, approving a PO, and releasing to the vendor that are used for procurement of raw materials across 12 different manufacturing units and to modernize the existing primitive character application for user efficiency and transparency.

The Solution

  • JK Tech modernized the Purchase Order system by implementing the latest technology stack – Angular JS, Node JS, and MYSQL while keeping the current business logic – (Progress 4GL) intact. A small coherent team of 15 members worked on the modernization understanding the customer challenges, addressing the same with their technical skills, and providing a solution that not only focused on the current problem but also laid the foundation of a product ready for further enhancements and cross-module integration.

    JK Tech’s certified technical and business architects interfaced with the customer and their existing system to conduct an overall system assessment. Understanding the existing system and user interactions in and out of the existing system was a critical activity to modernize and automate the process without impacting the users.

The Benefits

  • Intuitive UI and automation reducing manual steps.
  • Improved aesthetics and security of the application enhancing user experience.

  • Reduced the time to generate and raise a Purchase Order by 50%.

  • Saving 2 to 4 man-hours on the generation of each PO.

  • The new PO system will serve as a foundation for further product enhancements. The system is architected for easy integration keeping in mind the future of the product and other modules in the retail ecosystem.

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