Unleashing the Power of Hyperautomation and Digital Transformation in Healthcare Operations

June 2, 2023 By: Atanu Roy

With the rapid revolution in the Digital Transformation space, healthcare operations have to rapidly embrace it to meet the dynamic needs of the industry landscape. The ever-expanding coverage and needs of healthcare services make technology adoption necessary. The healthcare industry has made significant progress toward a seamless and paperless system in recent years, with the adoption of Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records (EMRs / EHRs). According to the 2021 National Electronic Health Records Survey, 88.2% of office-based physicians in the US are using some form of EMR / EHR systems, and 77.8% of those systems are certified. However, despite the progress made towards a paperless healthcare industry, there are still challenges that need to be addressed.

With the help of Hyperautomation which includes a suite of advanced technologies like AI, ML, RPA, Analytics, and Business Process Mining, healthcare organizations are digitizing the records and streamlining processes to improve efficiency to enhance patient care and experience. With powerful analytics and process mining capabilities working behind the scenes, Hyperautomation can even help Healthcare Physicians (HCPs) to optimize their workflows to achieve better patient outcomes. According to a survey by Change Healthcare, a healthcare technology company in the US, 8 out of 10 hospitals and health systems are turning to AI to improve work processes and 98% of respondents have plans to use AI in RCM within the next three years.


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The Need for Digitized Healthcare Driven by Hyperautomation

The need for digitized healthcare is driven by various factors. One of the most significant benefits of digitized healthcare is reduced risk of exposure to sensitive patient information. Paper-based records can be easily misplaced, lost, or end up in the wrong hands, leading to security breaches and compromised patient privacy.

Leveraging Hyperautomation Solutions and going digitized, HCPs can maintain patient privacy and other benefits like:

  • Less clutter and Enhanced care quality

    Through integrated scheduling linked with progress notes and automated coding, office management is made simpler than ever before. It can also improve communication between clinics, physicians, insurance providers, and pharmacies, as well as reduce the risk of negative drug interactions or incorrect dosage amounts due to their electronic prescription system directly connecting physicians to pharmacists – ultimately resulting in safer care for patients.

  • Financial incentives

    The transition to digitized technologies can be cost-prohibitive for healthcare providers, but financial incentives are made available. Gartner expects that by 2024, Hyperautomation can help businesses slash their operating expenses by 30%. Through the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, eligible providers have access to reimbursements to support their investment in Hyperautomation solutions. By procuring appropriate equipment, hiring necessary personnel, and training staff on new procedures – organizations can recoup a portion of these costs.

Hyperautomation- Streamlining Value-Based Digitized Healthcare Services

The following are ways Hyperautomation can be useful:

  • Patient Registration

    The patient registration for Revenue Cycle Management can be streamlined through Hyperautomation end-to-end. It can greatly improve efficiency and reduce errors to ensure that patient data is accurate and up to date. Additionally, Hyperautomation can speed up the registration process, which can lead to a more seamless revenue cycle, improved patient experience and satisfaction.

  • Appointment Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as part of Hyperautomation can be used to automatically schedule appointments based on patient availability, provider availability, and other relevant factors. This can reduce scheduling errors, minimize wait times, save manpower efforts, and focus on Value-Based Care. By automating the entire appointment process, Hyperautomation technologies can also be used for sending automated appointment reminders to patients via phone, text, or email, which can improve patient attendance rates. Additionally, Hyperautomation can do Dynamic Scheduling based on providers’ resource availabilities. AEG Vision achieved a 10% year-over-year increase in patient appointments without increasing call center staff hours using RPA and Intelligent Automation.

  • Eligibility & Benefit Check

    By leveraging Hyperautomation, the process of verifying insurance coverage and benefits can be automated. This can greatly aid in eligibility and benefit checks for revenue cycle management. Healthcare providers can automate the tasks of checking eligibility and benefits for each patient, which can reduce errors and improve accuracy. Hyperautomation can also automate the process of collecting patient copays and deductibles, which can improve revenue collection and minimize the risk of claims being denied. Baylor Scott & White Health, a US-based healthcare organization, reports that it calculates 70% of the estimates without human touch as the system automatically retrieves real-time eligibility and benefit data from the patient’s insurer.

  • Prior Authorization

    According to an American Medical Association (AMA) survey of 1,000 practicing physicians, 86 percent of doctors evaluated the burden of prior authorizations as high or extremely high. Hyperautomation can provide real-time updates on the status of prior authorizations, which can help providers make more informed decisions and avoid delays in patient care, and ensure that patients receive timely access to the necessary medical procedures, treatments, or medications.

The future of healthcare

Digitized healthcare driven by Hyperautomation can improve patient care and outcomes, as healthcare providers can have quicker access to comprehensive, up-to-date patient information, resulting in better-informed decisions and personalized care. The need for paperless healthcare is evident from its benefits to healthcare organizations, providers, and patients alike.

Hyperautomation streamlines healthcare services and offers healthcare organizations a reliable way to improve operations while saving time and money. It is crucial, however, to implement technology solutions methodically in healthcare.

With its Hyperautomation solutions, JK Tech is pioneering the future of healthcare automation. Our team is a partner in this Digital Transformation space that provides healthcare and a variety of other industries with a comprehensive Hyperautomation strategy. With high-performance platforms bringing operations into perfect harmony, sophisticated security, and unparalleled speed & efficiency – transform your business today! Get in touch!

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