Road to Recovery – Data as the New Tool for Innovation

This whitepaper explores the post-pandemic trends in the retail industry and the roles of CIOs and CTOs in driving innovation with limited resources.

The post-pandemic retail landscape has undergone drastic changes in both product segments and service delivery models with constantly evolving consumer preferences and needs. The high standards of service expectations and delivery convenience have challenged retail brands to differentiate their label to stay competitive. Global brands are reinventing themselves with unhindered technology-led innovation to drive business agility, achieve seamless business continuity, and faster time to market.

Organizations are increasingly adopting digitalization to reposition themselves and stay relevant with their customers. The priorities set by the organizations towards digital solutions for both front-end and back-end services empower them to drive innovation.

As per IDC retail market research reports published in 2020, supply chain visibility and accuracy are one of the top priorities of global retailers.

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