SAP IS-Retail Implementation & Support

A leading provider of Retail Solutions transforms its business delivery model for better business continuity and customer satisfaction.

The Client

The client is a software company which is specialized in providing retail technology and store-level solutions. In addition, they also provide IT managed services which include private cloud hosting and service desk services for retail sector companies.

The Challenges

The client comprised of a unique and powerful portfolio solution that offered an integrated solution across selling touchpoints such as PoS, Mobile, BYOD, eCommerce, and many more. It created a seamless shopping experience and was regarded by its customers as one of the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise platforms for retail companies.

With its growing retail customer base in recent years, the client wanted to deliver solutions at a faster pace without compromising on quality and innovation. Thus, they desired a complete transformation in the delivery of the business as well as ensuring better business continuity and customer satisfaction.

The Objective

With a vision to be a reliable technology partner, the client aimed at strengthening their retail capabilities in areas of customer experience and customer engagement.

The client sought to enhance its agility and reliability in providing retail technological solutions, with the help of an experienced and reliable implementation partner with a retail enterprise solution implementation expertise for SAP-IS Retail implementation

The Solution

JK Tech as a solution partner helped the client with the development and implementation of SAP IS Retail. The project started with the development of rapid-deployment solutions for IS retail implementations. In addition, it involved Point of Sales (POS) integrations with key business processes such as Merchandise Lifecycle, Supply Chain Management, and Store and Multi-Channel management; followed by comprehensive integration testing for IS Retail implementations.

The quick and efficient deployment of solutions ensured business continuity planning. This transformation in the area of business delivery made the client a reliable, quicker, and efficient retail solution provider.

We also helped the client with managing end-to-end integration testing for over 110 business scenarios involving over 5 third-party systems.

System Integration Diagram – SAP Retail Business:

The Benefits

  • The transformed business deliver strategy, improved the business continuity and helped the client enhance the reliability and agility in terms of delivering business to its customer.
  • We also helped the client with managing end-to-end integration testing for over 110 business scenarios involving over 5 third-party systems.
  • The client has benefitted in developing 11 end-to-end business process rapid deployment templates.
  • The transformation helped the client in building trust and strengthening loyalty among its customers.
  • Leveraging expertise strategy has ensured improved efficiencies across the organization and built better consumer experiences.

Happy Customer

Embassy Property Developments Private Limited – Batheiah B (HEAD- IT)

We realized over the last two years that RPA can be a powerful tool to drive transformation, helping us automate business processes. The embassy group chose JK Tech as the preferred RPA implementation partner. Partnering with JK Tech, Embassy has already automated several processes ranging in procurement, finance, HR and IT domains.

JK Tech has successfully enabled our automation journey driving both qualitative and quantitative process improvements as well as ensuring a sustainable way forward. Working with JK Tech, we are able to gain more than 60% productivity so far in terms of both time savings and efficiency improvements.”

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