Benefits of Having Android Based Point Of Sale System

August 25, 2017 By: Praveen Kumar

Point of sale software is suitable for all businesses despite their size. Most of the emerging POS systems use mobile technology, and this makes sense as most consumers use mobile devices. The advantages of these systems are enjoyed by businesses ranging from small businesses, medium as well as large businesses. What is the effect of having an android based point of sale system?

A point of sale system is a combination of hardware and a point of sale software that will manage a business. It does this through storing, analyzing as well as recording the sales and purchases of the business. The advantages of a point of sale system range from saving time to increasing efficiency.

With the changing market dynamics, customers are increasingly requiring quicker services. This then leaves traders with the challenge to increase their speed in serving the customers and addressing their concerns. This is where the android based point of sale system comes in. The following is a highlight of the benefits attributed to it.

  • It Is an Economical Option
    This, compared to the investment required to install hardware and pay for their licenses, is way cheaper. This gives room for small-scale businesses to start up without over-stretching their financial muscle. It reduces the required amount of capital to put up the business.
  • Marketing is Made Easier
    Due to their ability to be attached to emails, android appliances can easily initiate email campaigns at ease. This makes it possible for a trader to group customers according to their needs. They can further send group messages to them on updates or offers with regard to products or services that suit them
  • Saves Time
    Being a quicker system, it translates to more convenience to the customers, the retailer and even the staff. This gives a great customer experience as they are attended to instantly. Retailers also get more time to even serve more clients and attend to other features of the business.
  • Gives Room for Continuous Improvement
    The nature of android devices gives them room for continuous improvement. It is possible to upgrade applications just on phone. This will ensure continuous upgrade of an application to suit the changing needs of the customers and the market.
  • Helps a Business to Keep Saving
    The Android point of sale software does not require an annual software license fee. This ensures businesses keep on saving money that they could have paid for the same each year. This then promotes the quick expansion of the business as that money can be channeled towards the growth of the business.
  • Flexibility
    The traditional point of sale is way too expensive. Therefore, traders who’re not impressed with its performance may find themselves stuck to it. The other option would be to pay a huge sum for another system.


With the current transition of the world into a global market, an Android-based point of sale system might be the way to go. Its advantages extend to all business types. A small business seeking to match the competition in the market without facing budgetary constraints will find it valuable.

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