Building Employee Engagement from Work from Home!

August 13, 2021 By: Pranjali Jyotishi

In today’s fast-paced tech smart world, every organization strives hard to build employee engagement, rather than a rewarding culture of employee engagement. Employee engagement has transpired to be one of the most essential drivers for any business’s success. Especially considering the new normal norms of work from home. An organization with elevated levels of employee interactions leads to higher retentiveness of employee talent, enhances performance, improves stakeholder value, fosters better products and services and nurtures customer loyalty.

Let’s first understand what employee engagement is; Employee Engagement is the art of understanding the feelings, excitement, efforts, intent, passion, and dedication of an employee towards your organization or business. Employee engagement is that emotional sense where employees feel the drive, security, energy, and commitment towards their work and in return give their best to the business. Best of their spirits, hearts, minds, body. Now often organizations confuse with employee satisfaction or employee happiness and improve only employee satisfaction.

When employee satisfaction is improved, the changes don’t lead to enhanced performance or rewards and recognitions. Employee Satisfaction refers to the levels of contentment or happiness of an employee.

Importance of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a vast concept going beyond team games, activities, events. Employee Engagement is rightly about celebrating each milestone, continuous and dedicated motivation, and passion. Employee Engagement nurtures outstanding performance and results. Employees which are highly dedicated understand the objectives, mission, vision, goals of the company and align them to their own. Highly Engaged Employees understand where to fit in and strive to perform their maximum which led to better performance indicators, better revenues, better decision making and problem-solving. Engaged Employees enable the organization to outperform their competitors even in tough markets. Engaged employees effortlessly come together in any crisis, financial setbacks, recissions enabling the organization to recover effectively and efficiently.

Employee Engagement in its true essence is one of the key determinators to growth, creativity, and innovation. Employee Engagement also leads to better talent retention and enhances the talent pool of the organization. It is as simple as a ripple effect, the higher engaged employee, the better the organization performs. An organization with a thoroughly engaged workforce is like to be a super successful workplace with employee-centric cultures which also attracts new talent, retains top performers into the organization throughout the hierarchy of the organization. Besides internal benefits, employee engagement leads to enhanced business performance with customer satisfaction, better ideas and strategies which enables the development of greater products and services.

As amazing as the benefits of employee engagement are, with work from home, it poses a challenge to maintain such engagement and dedication. Here are some virtual engagement activity ideas followed by JK Tech to manage and master a remote team:

  • Theme Quizzes & Fun Games: We have quiz time, theme-based Q&A and other team fun game activities virtually to give our employees a strong breather from work, refocus mentally and emotionally to boost their mental well-being. Also, such virtual engagement activity ideas, are a great way to foster stronger team bonds.
  • Virtual Festival Celebrations: Here, we ensure to celebrate each festive occasion focusing on the diversity of our remote workforce. Such celebration not only brings the workforce together but help in building treasured memories along with a passion for work.
  • Online Knowledge Sharing Sessions: We have an ‘Innovation Hub’ which enables our employees to knowledge and skill sharing with each other. It not only contributes to their personal and professional growth but also gives them the freedom to experiment, discover new talent, understand each teammate’s likings, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Gamification Techniques: At JK Tech, we use certain techniques and methods to grow and build stronger connections to the workplace and employees. We do visual treasure hunts, surveys, puzzles, etc. which motivates a genuine competitive spirit with fair rules to keep our employees motivated and highly engaged with us.
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