Business Process Automation To Enhance Customer Experience

August 5, 2020 By: Vaishnavi Hingarkar

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Business Process Automation (BPA) is a concept that emphasizes the implementation of software applications across the enterprise to automate routine business tasks and achieve enterprise-wide workflow efficiency. It provides organizations with the opportunity to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving market environment seamlessly.

The primary focus of business process automation is to reduce errors made by humans in their repeatable day-to-day tasks and further helps in minimizing operational costs, freeing up personnel to perform higher-level tasks.

Considering that ensuring the customer experience is on priority for all stakeholders, it is important to make sure the best business process automation strategy is adopted to enhance the continuous customer experience.

The core elements of customer experience are based on their perception and interaction, i.e., how the customers perceive, and how the company interacts with them, so it is crucial to understand what key steps are to be kept in mind while formulating and implementing a plan for Business Process Automation. There are enormous Business Process Automation Software technologies and Tools present in the market, and the concept of Business Process Automation has mainly focused on the following three fundamental principles:

  • Orchestration: This enables an enterprise to build systems that provide centralized management of computing architecture.
  • Integration: This integrates the business functions by ensuring that BPA System is spread across the organization’s process-centric boundaries.
  • Automated Execution: This reduces multiple tasks with minimal human intervention.

The following points demonstrate how a perfect Business Process automation plan should work to improve the customer experience. It further outlines the key steps that should be kept in mind while formulating and implementing a plan for business process automation.

Customer Experience Evaluation

This is the step of Business process automation (BPA), which primarily deals with evaluating the customer experience. It consists of examining the reality of business operations in serving its customers. It helps to analyze the data collected from all touch-points and further segment the customer list so that one can deliver the most relevant content, product recommendations, and services in real-time. Using this, one can assess the level of customer experience development and align it with business goals.

Customer Experience Monitoring

The next step involves how the business can monitor customer experience. It is the stage where a company uses various monitoring methods such as software that enables interactive sessions, tracking the performance of the staff charged along with the duty of interacting with customers. Customer interaction is fostered to ensure that entity receives reactions from customers and complaints, which can be addressed effectively on time. Customer experience gives you a big picture of whether a customer will be back in the future to do business with you will send referrals.

Customer Experience Improvement

It is now possible to identify areas that need improvement by matching the present state customer experience with the goals of the business. This stage deals with investigating the root causes of the failures in the process so far and areas that need improvement should be handled within time. BPA can share insights based on customer feedback and generate reports from data analytics. This ensures that business operations are in alignment with the goals, thus resulting in satisfied customers.


To conclude on this, a proper Business Process Automation reshapes the business processes in order to make it more meaningful, obtain continuous optimum performance in business operations, and hence, contributing to the overall growth of an entity. This also leads to a smoother, better, and constant improvement of customer experience, which eventually leads to increased productivity and customer retention.

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