Business Process Management for Continuous Enhancement in Customer Experience

August 24, 2017 By: Anirban Mukherjee

Business process management (BPM) being the organized plan that a business implements with the goal of making the business workflow efficient and well-organized, creates room for an entity to adapt to the continuously shifting market environment. Customer experience on the other hand, has two core elements being perception and interaction including- how the customers perceive, and how the company interacts with them.

There are a number of different Business Process Management frameworks in the market today. For instance, horizontal frameworks are on the design and growth of the business and usually focus on technology. The Vertical framework focuses on definite corresponding tasks and have already been outlined, thus are readily configured and organized. The Full-service framework has five features namely; Process discovery, modeling and design, Simulation and testing.

The question, therefore, is: how the two are related? The following demonstrates how an ideal business process management Plan has the potential to continuously improve customer experience. It further outlines key steps to be considered while formulating and implementing a plan for business process management.

  • Customer Experience Evaluation
    This is primarily reviewing the customer experience as it is. It involves examining the reality of the business operations in serving its customers. A business will look into its process of operation, who are their customers, what are the touchpoints. From this, you can assess the level of customer experience development and compare it to the goals of the business. Is the business able to respond to customers’ needs promptly? How are the concerns of the customers addressed?
  • Customer Experience Monitoring
    What are the present ways in which the business can monitor customer experience? This is the point where a business picks out monitoring methods such as using software that enable interactive sessions, monitoring the performance of the staff charged with the duty of interacting with customers. Fostering interaction with customers will ensure the entity receives reactions from customers and complaints can be addressed effectively and on time. Customer experience determines in a big way whether a customer will be back to have business with you in the future or even send referrals to you.
  • Customer Experience Improvement
    By matching the present state customer experience with the goals of the business, it is now possible to identify areas that call for improvement. Examine what could have been the root cause of any failures so far. Areas to be improved should be handled and in good time. This ensures that business operations are at par with the goals. This leads to less waiting time and is cheaper, thus leaving you with happier customers.


The goal of business process management is therefore to reduce errors by human beings while at the same time, directing the stakeholders towards the required standards of performing their roles. Proper business process management translates into the continuous optimum performance of an entity in its operations. This then leads into a smooth-running, hence better and continuous improvement of customer experience.

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