Framework for Progress Legacy Modernization

September 15, 2015 By: Prabhu Jha

In this post I will be talking about a well-formulated framework for legacy migration that establishes the path that organizations need to take—from evaluating their existing set-ups and taking informed decisions regarding the modernization of their legacy platforms.

JK Tech’s Legacy Modernization Framework facilitates technical decision-making, enabling you to set the pace of migration and adopt relevant methodologies and solution accelerators for migration.

JK Tech’s Framework for Legacy Modernization

Mapping business objectives, continuity of service, time-to-market and costs for modernization remain the most key aspects of modernization projects. JK Tech’s mature framework-based approach towards legacy modernization allows you to leverage our years of experience on modernization initiatives. It also gives you access to our deep and in-depth knowledge of the innovative tools, techniques and methodologies that have been developed with a view to reducing costs and increasing efficiency during migrations.

Our framework allows us to evaluate your business and technical factors, assess the value of your existing legacy systems, build a strategic business and technical approach for modernization and guide you through an end-to-end migration process.

Our numerous marquee clients have benefited from our simple, yet effective approach to modernizing Progress applications using the above framework. Checklists developed over the years for evaluation and value assessments allow our teams to come to guided conclusions on situations, thus benefiting the overall initiative.

In my opinion, any modernization journey should start with evaluating the business factors first so that you can determine the ROI down the line. A detailed look at the business value expected from the initiative needs to be undertaken before you take the modernization step. The technical factors and associated technical value can only be taken into account after the business factors have been assessed. Once the strategic organizational decisions have been made, you can opt for the relevant technologies, selecting from the various modernization options open to you.

Migration should be a well-planned program that is broken into various projects for a successful and non-disruptive rollout.

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