Impact of Mobility in the CPG Industry

August 24, 2017 By: Praveen Kumar

External forces and internal choices affect CPG companies with some of the common challenges being volatile demand, rising consumer demands, huge quantity of complex data, and remote workforce, data, and infrastructure. Mobile technology is one of the Retail & CPG solutions that helps to fix these challenges.

Browse the internet or turn on your TV set today and an hour won’t pass without a commercial on some sort of mobile device. There is a reason for this. Mobile technology has suddenly become one of the most valuable as well as fastest segments as far as consumer electronics is concerned. This has had a ripple effect on consumer packed goods (CPG). You simply cannot ignore the role that mobility now plays in the CPG industry. Advertisers love the platform for this reason and even more. Mobility after all, has had an impact in the CPG industry in the following ways:

  • Increases Visibility
    Things always become easy in business once your brand becomes visible. People know you. It is like you have finally reached the high hanging fruit that has been so elusive. All you need to do is bag it. Once you’re visible, all you need to do is to engage with retail channels. You can do this via the right mobile ordering and retail execution solutions. The main objective here is to foster communication with the people that matter. With mobile devices, this becomes easy; it becomes faster, which is better.
  • Customer Engagement
    It is easy to leverage the opportunities that mobile devices present. This can be done with accurate consumer insights. One of the smartest ways of going about this is to identify what your target market craves for. Then as most marketers say, ‘tap into their desires’. Remind the audience what they are missing or what they have been missing. You will need to be extremely creative to come up with ideas that can pass your message in deep and personal ways. Achieve your objective and you can be sure of a loyal client base.
  • Business Intelligence
    Data collection, tracking of commodities and curbing business-related crimes all fall under this bracket. You will need information on these factors on a regular basis if you are to remain competitive. How else will you know what your competitors are up to? In other words, it is all about monitoring the market and identifying trends that make consumers behave in certain ways. Leverage mobile technology and you can be sure of improved business intelligence.


The goal of business process management is therefore to reduce errors by human beings while at the same time, directing the stakeholders towards the required standards of performing their roles. Proper business process management translates into continuous optimum performance of an entity in its operations. This then leads into a smooth running, hence better and continuous improvement of customer experience.

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