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Smart Supply Chain Solutions: Overview & Benefits

In this modern age, one of the greatest hurdles to operation success in enterprises, industries and institutions is sub-par supply chain strategies. Lack of or limited visibility into the inner workings of organizations’ extended supply chains, both upstream and downstream, limit the response efficiency of the key decision-makers. Consequently, the would-be profitable enterprises end up being plagued by inefficient and usually loss-generating supply chain operations. To overcome this hurdle completely, organizations need to invest in reliable services that will enable them to levitate response to operational challenges and seal the identified loopholes. This post outlines an overview of SMART supply chain remedies and the perks their integration presents to various organizations.

Today’s global marketplace is unequivocally competitive and fast-paced, especially with the dynamism presented by web and digital technological improvements. Ergo, enterprises aiming to retain or improve market viability and competitiveness must invest in cutting-edge technologies that will not only increase productivity but also heighten operation efficiency. The SMART supply chain solutions package is an expertly designed remedy that features software reengineering for legacy application migration from existing systems to more efficient cloud-based or three-tier web infrastructures. Further, the solution provides a lovable upgrade for backend databases.

These solutions are not only all-inclusive in industry and domain coverage but are also geared at seamless and successful integration to guarantee minimal operational and service interruptions besides ensuring the integrity of critical business data is retained.

The SMART Supply Chain Solutions Package

The SMART Supply Chain Intelligence Solution package is a cloud-based multi-tier remedy designed to tackle complex supply chain challenges by providing unparalleled services to improve in-depth visibility into all supply chain end-to-end information, service cycles, roles and functional dashboards including inventory, procurement and production as well as point solutions like demand forecasting and spend analytics among others. Below is an overview of the solutions the package presents to various industrial, organizational and business parallels:

Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

  • Service lifecycle management
  • Field quality and cost control
  • AutoDICE
  • Advanced manufacturing analytics suite
  • Digital marketing
  • IOT for manufacturing
  • Aftermarket connected car suite
  • Factory of Future
  • Automotive financial services

Aerospace Industries and Defense Organizations

  • Mobile aircraft maintenance
  • Digital marketing
  • MAX SAP MRO solutions
  • Technical publications

Process Manufacturing Entities

  • Enterprise sustainability management
  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM)
  • Digital marketing

Mining and Metals Industries

  • Spend management solutions
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM)
  • GPS/GIS visualization/telematics solutions
  • Connected mine automation and control

Application of SMART Supply Chain Solutions

This package will inarguably help industries, organizations and business verticals to successfully achieve the following milestones:

  • Pinpoint loopholes in the existing SCM performance.
  • Speed up the decision-making cycle with explicit visibility into the supply chain cycle, operations and performance.
  • Identify opportunities for supply chain improvement.
  • Cull identified supply chain risks through efficient supply chain performance criteria monitoring and management.
  • Solve specific supply chain challenges through utilization of issue-based scenarios and role-based functional dashboards.
  • Successfully monitor all vital supply chain functions through integration of preconfigured KPI dashboards.


By integrating the SMART Supply Chain Solutions package, your enterprise will derive the following solid perks:

  • You will achieve up to 10% increase in asset utilization and inventory turns.
  • Organizations will achieve complete visibility into demand and supply cycles and patterns thus attain a 3-5% reduction of out-of-stock incidences.
  • Being technology agnostic, the solution will integrate seamlessly with any platform and database as it’s compatible with a majority of OLAP and ETL tools used by most organizations and industries.
  • Enterprises will cut revenue leakage by up to 2-5% using the SCM Analytics solution.
  • The solution will enable firms to minimize their cost-to-serve and improve loading levels alongside service delivery levels thus levitate freight utilization by up to 3-5%.
  • Enterprises will optimize profitability and increase ROI by reducing the overall operation implementation cost, time and effort by 35-40%.

Evidently, the SMART Supply Chain Solutions package is the Holy Grail for any organization, enterprise or industry keen to cut supply chain operation costs, increase visibility into the supply chain cycle and functions, streamline service delivery and optimize the overall organizational performance. The solution will inarguably minimize your firm’s supply chain expenditure and increase your ROI quite substantially.

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