The Costly Race for AI Domain Names

November 24, 2023 By: JK Tech

In the vast world of the internet, getting the right domain name has become a digital adventure, especially in the buzzing field of artificial intelligence. Take tech entrepreneur Ian Leaman, for example, who wanted to name his new venture Pantry AI. But the web address was taken, leading to negotiations and a hefty $12,000 price tag. Surprisingly, this is just a glimpse of the larger landscape of AI domain deals.

Looking deeper into the financial side of AI domains, $12,000 seems reasonable. Other transactions are much more eye-popping— sold for an astounding $250,000, and wasn’t far behind at $127,500. These numbers show the excitement around AI-focused web addresses and how much businesses are willing to pay for a memorable online presence.

Navigating the domain landscape in the business world is like wading through a vast marketplace with over a thousand domain registrars, numerous options, and brokers in play. When the name you want is already taken, domain brokers step in to help with negotiations, making the process even more intricate. The key player in this arena is a distinct, memorable domain name that serves as a valuable business asset.

Why AI Domains Are in High Demand?

Joe Udemme, CEO of domain brokerage Name Experts, explains the growing demand for AI-related domains. He notes that sales in the low to mid-five figures are becoming common for those seeking .ai suffixes. The appeal lies in short, memorable names, turning them into valuable digital property. This demand isn’t just a passing trend; it signals a fundamental change in how businesses approach their online presence.

Taking a closer look at the numbers, the value of AI domains is on the rise. reports that the total value of AI domain names jumped to $20 million in August, a significant increase from $7 million just a year earlier. Afternic also points out that ‘AI’ is now the second most-used term in website addresses on their platform. These figures highlight the growing importance of AI in digital branding.

Profiting from the AI Domain

Matt Barrie, CEO of Escrow, shares stories of domain speculators making big bucks from the AI trend. Some turned a $300,000 investment into a $1.5 million payday. The lesson here is that in the world of AI domains, smart acquisitions can lead to significant returns.

As AI continues to shape the tech world, businesses need to be careful in the domain game. Andrew Rosener, CEO of domain broker MediaOptions, advises against blindly jumping on the AI trend. Instead, he suggests aligning domain choices with a business’s core identity. This approach ensures that the chosen digital identity not only fits with current trends but also lasts over time.

In the world of AI domain names, it’s not just about buying and selling; it reflects what businesses want in the digital age of artificial intelligence. As the internet changes, these digital addresses aren’t just web links; they’re important places in the ever-growing online world.

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