Understanding Progress Partner and Program

August 18, 2017 By: Prabhu Jha

Progress is a global leader in software applications and services with an excellent track record of 20 successful years and over 2000 partners.

The company offers flexible front-end tooling for delivering an engaging and multi-channel UX and has tie-ups with at least 70% of the Fortune 100 companies. Application Development & Deployment, OpenEdge and Data Integration are some of many services Progress is known for.

What is the Partner+ Program offered by Progress?

The Progress Partner+ program is a one-of-a-kind service delivery solution that is designed to support vendors who are into consulting, development and delivery of commercial software applications that are developed using the Progress platform. Progress’s support platform comprises of System Integrators and Digital Agencies. There are three distinct tires of the program that is currently being offered by Progress, viz. Member, Premier and Elite.

How to Benefit from the Progress Partner+ Program?

The perks of being a Progress Partner+ Program member can be segregated into three categories as discussed below.

Member – The Progress Partner+ Member program renders the partner a tertiary level of service engagements in assigned regions. The number of free NFR/OEDKPSDN subscriptions provided under this category is limited to one user. A Member partner further receives individual badges, SDP standard logo usage, landing page in PartnerLink and also access to a beta release program.

Premier – Premier partners of the Progress Partner+ program receives service engagements in assigned regions on a secondary level. The number of free NFR/OEDKPSDN subscriptions provided in this case is for three users maximum. A Premier partner will also have the other privileges that are enjoyed by a Member partner but with an upgrade in logo usage, which is of the Authorized Silver standard.

Elite – Elite membership to the Progress Partner+ program is the most preferred mode of partnership with service engagements in assigned regions provided on a primary level. Up to 5 different users are entitled to enjoy the free NFR/OEDKPSDN subscriptions under this category. Authorized Gold level logo usage is permitted to all Progress service providers who are signed up under the Elite tier. The rest of the benefits remain the same.

Other Benefits Offered as a Part of this Program

There are several other benefits of taking the Progress Partner+ Program in addition to the ones listed above, which are –

  • The partner gets to work with a dedicated, field-based Progress Partner Account Manager who will help with any sales, marketing and technical issues.
  • The partner is entitled to a training and certification program on Progress technologies.
  • The partner gets complete marketing assistance. Webinars, white papers, event support etc. come under this category.
  • The partner gets access to beta programs for Progress products including training and certification.

How to be a Progress Service Provider?

In order to qualify as an eligible member for the Progress Partner+ program, the vendor’s organization must meet the following requirements:

  • The partner organization must maintain validated knowledge and skills but with minimum counts of certified resources at all times.
  • The partner organization must deliver services that’s in-line with Progress methodology.
  • The partner organization must have all of its services complying with Progress’s modernization strategies.
  • A minimum of 90% positive customer survey result should be maintained by the partner organization.
  • The participating organization should be able to provide for references/case studies on a yearly basis.
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