Various technologies for developing connected mobile apps for Internet of Things (IoT)

August 16, 2017 By: Praveen Kumar

The drastic inventions taking place in the software environment today is resulting in a world where nobody and nothing is left unconnected. On the contrary, everything seems more ‘connected’ than ever before.

Moving to the future, five to ten years from now, the term ‘connected world’ & ‘smart services’ will be as common as mobile apps are today. There are already many players in the market who have strapped on to bring the future a little early so the world could be better connected starting now.

The term IoT or Internet of Things has become a lot more predominant in the software sector that has given rise to the invention of connected devices and subsequent implementation using connected apps. Connected devices can exist on any platform, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and others, like wearable devices- iOS Watch, Android-based watches, Fitbit, etc.

Smart devices have also conquered the security business, and strive to keep you safe at home, and remain connected regardless your geo-location. Control the functioning of all your home appliances right from the tap of a button on your smartphone.

Since the entire architecture of smart technology is based on hardcore intricate and intelligent software application development and maintenance, there is an excess need for standardised technologies and prove capable to hold on any device of your choosing, irrespective of the platform. Some of these technologies paradigms include-

Mobile platforms- iOS, Android, Windows & others

Languages- Objective-C, Java, Dot Net, Symphony, PhoneGap, Xamarin, JSON, XML

Bridge/Gateway Connectivity- Wi-Fi, ZigBee profiles, Zwave, IR

Direct Connectivity- Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth profiles, NFC, USB, Audio Jack

Standards- HomeKit, Thread & much more

Push Notifications- Apple push notification service, Google cloud messaging, Windows push notification services

BLE Profiles- alert notification, find me, device information service, health thermometer profile, heart rate, proximity profile and others.

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