Why Use Salesforce as Your CRM?

October 20, 2017 By: Jaspal Bhatia

A CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a system that enables companies to have interaction with their customers and access information from anywhere, anytime.

The system is achievable from any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

CRM enables an organization to track and update information about their clients, partners and prospects all in one place.

A Salesforce CRM system is a well-organized platform that is cloud-based with data collected from different sources like a company’s emails and marketing materials. More information is retrievable from social media platforms.

A Salesforce CRM system is customer-centered, and it integrates customer information for the organization’s benefit. Businesses need Salesforce CRM services as their operating application. It comes with numerous advantages that elevate a business to suit the clients’ needs, leading to better service delivery.

Four Main Reasons Why Salesforce CRM Service Is Ideal for Your Business


Salesforce CRM system is cloud-based. It offers a broad range of CRM cloud applications. It means that your sales team can access information about customers in real-time, analyze it, and make informed decisions to deliver per the clients’ needs. It leads to better service delivery.

Customizable Products

Salesforce CRM has the AppExchange system that grants access to numerous applications. It allows the user to customize their CRM solutions. It gives your customers a feeling that their experiences are personalized specifically for them, and this can have a positive outcome on their purchasing choices.

Accessible on Mobile Phones and Tablets

Smartphones are gaining popularity in modern society and organizations are adopting them as one of their devices for information access. Salesforce CRM, through the AppExchanges system, has managed to make practical the installation of already configured and vetted apps on smartphones and tablets.

Customers can access information in real-time and make orders anywhere anytime. They can learn more about a company’s products and services without making trips to the enterprise’s premises.

Your sales reps and marketing teams can interact with customers and close deals right on phone. Also, they can update their status report on customers and schedule meetings even when not in the office.

Managers, can also track the activities of both teams (marketing and sales) and access their updates without necessarily having to request numerous reports when not at their desks.

Cloud Based

Salesforce CRM is cloud-based and this means you can connect every platform that offers cloud-based customer support programs and software. With cloud services for your CRM, you can achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity. Since information is well integrated with cloud apps, you are able to connect to the sales and your marketing teams in real-time.


Salesforce CRM services guarantee an organized flow of operations in business. They offer a platform to engage customers and attend to their needs in real-time.

The system is well integrated and brings customer details together by incorporating marketing, business analytics, lead generation and customer service. Salesforce CRM can update company profiles in real-time and give their customers a better service experience.

Customers can also utilize the benefits of your CRM services through easy access to such a platform which offers a point of contact opportunity. They can air their grievances and request service at the comfort of their homes.

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