Work From Home & Its Impact: The Advantages You Need to Know!

May 24, 2021 By: Sakshi Srivastava

Work from Home has gained a whole new meaning since 2020. While many industries such as the Digital, FMCG, Information Technology, Medicine, Communications saw a huge surge in sales and demand, while other industries such as tour and travel, hospitality, restaurants took the downfall of the novel coronavirus. But no matter what industry you belonged to work from home became a mandate.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus changed everything overnight, a sudden lockdown, and staying and working from home was the “new normal”. Pre-coronavirus times, the grant of work from home was a luxury given by your office or employer but post the novel coronavirus time, working from home becomes indispensable. With the country-wide lockdown enforced, more than 3 billion professional’s office work and routine changed into an “at home” routine and work. This was one of the biggest and impactful shifts witnessed in the 20th century. While 2020 created history, working from home opened up new avenues and advantages for several professionals and corporates with the entire world going digital. ‘’Work from Home’’ & ‘’Work From Home’’ jobs as a concept has been around for several years but its impact and full potential was realised in the year 2020. With the new normal of work from home seeping in, corporates, employers, and businesses were unsure and questioned the effectiveness and impacts of working from home. But after settling in with all systems and services in place, corporate heads, employers and businesses notice the rise in productivity and dedication by its remote workforce simply owing to the positives of work from home and why the concept really works!

Wondering how? Let’s decode the advantages of remote working and the benefits of work from home jobs:

  • Less Commute, More Time Saved: Let’s face facts, be it by your personal car, public buses, railways, or cabs, Traveling Time cut off is one of the major relief be it for working from home or online jobs. Indians on an average spend 7-10% of their time just in one-way travel to work. On average, an Indian in public transport spends 2-3 hours depending on destination, distance, & delays sometimes to and fro from work and sometimes just to work and another 2-3 from work to home. The stress of commute was another relief owed to working from home. From the pressures of reporting on time to the anxiety of catching that on-time bus or train to simply missing out on sleep and your health was one of the major reasons for imbalanced mental health and increased chance of depression. Let’s not forget the empty commuting hours fuelled out in traveling, which has zeroed down, thus reducing fatigue and increasing productivity at work. The amount of time saved, an invaluable resource in today’s face-paced world is now being better utilized at actual work with a peace of mind with balanced thinking and emotions.
  • Increased Productivity, Attentiveness & Hard work: This may be an astonishing work from home advantage, but working from home contributes significantly to a rise in employee dedication and loyalty, aids them to work better and make a better decision, and overall improve productivity thereby improving your business. Think of it this way, with employees and colleagues not being tied in the same office, your remote workforce is placed better to focus with the least amount of distractions and breaks. The biggest advantage of work from home is flexible hours, many employees feel free to work at comfortable hours of the morning or night time, delivering to deadlines and targets better. Such flexibility of hours can be used to your business’s advantage if you are trying to venture into international markets or building overseas relationships with potential international clients. Owing to the flexibility, some employees may even work on weekends, as it’s anyways a work from a home job delivering you their 100%. Such leniency of online jobs from home, only adds to the growth of your business.
  • Healthier & Harmonious Work-Family Life: An obvious work from home advantage but with work from home, employees get to spend more time with their family to refresh and replenish or simply take short breaks. With work-from-home enforcements, employees have the liberty to start their day stress-free at their own pace and end their day as they wish, as long as the work is completed, leads to stronger results and efficiency in deliverables. In addition. employees have a more secure and happier at-home environment to work in and get to focus on their physical and mental health, spend quality time with their families, and attend to the needs of their personal life. Such factors are sure to your remote workforce the daily dose of dopamine, advance their work power, the willingness to work hard, and shine out at their online job.
  • Enhanced Financial Benefits: One of the most profitable advantages of a remote job which is a blessing for both the employer and employees. As an employer or business owner, there are monthly and yearly recurring costs and maintenance costs incurred by you, but with work from home in place, you save on valuable money which further can be retained in your business to expand and flourish. Be it from office supplies to office rent and overheads, to monthly electrical and technology costs, all the expenses are saved and can be pushed back into the business. As an employee, traveling costs to professionals wardrobe to fuel, to car maintenance costs to monthly parking costs all of these are reduced adding to the life-long savings and investments. If you as an employer provide work from home as a long-term solution, you have the increased benefit of employee loyalty too.
  • Improved Well-Being & Health: With an online job at home, employees are safer and protected at home with the agile pandemic. The time-saving advantage of work from home leads employees to live a healthier and active lifestyle, getting extra sleep, and focusing on improving their skills and knowledge which in turn is obvious to benefit the work. The pandemic has indeed revolutionized every aspect of millions of lives and opened employers and employees to the numerous advantage of work from home. Such enhanced benefits should be the reason to opt-in for work from home and work from home online jobs and pave the way to a newer work culture ahead adding value on a global scale.

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