Who We Are

At JK Tech, we are a global leader in Digital and Business Consulting. Our expertise centres around Data Transformation, Cloud Engineering, AI/ML, and Hyperautomation. From cutting-edge solutions to seamless experiences, we redefine the future of technology across Retail & Consumer Products, Insurance, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries. With our niche Data Transformation solution, we leverage Data and Analytics, enabling businesses to improve their performance and create lasting value. We’re a trusted partner to explore limitless possibilities with your data.

JK Tech JIVA- A Gen AI-Powered Enterprise Data Solution

JK Tech JIVA stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a cutting-edge Enterprise Data Solution empowered by Gen-AI. It is a game changer that will revolutionize the way companies operate. JIVA’s ability to improve efficiency, simplify decision-making, and maximize the use of information enables organizations to get the most out of their information assets. By delivering personalized insights, bridging the gap between structured and unstructured data, and contextualizing business domain maps, JIVA provides a holistic understanding of complex data ecosystems. Using High-Level Language Models (LLM), JIVA unlocks hidden insights that drive strategic decisions. JK Tech JIVA doesn’t just manage data; it turns it into actionable intelligence that enables businesses to confidently seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

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