The Healthcare industry is dominated by compliance and regulations to ensure that all laws related to maintaining the privacy and usage standards for patient information, ensuring quality patient care, preventing fraud, and protecting healthcare professionals are abided by. In case of failure to comply with these regulations, fines range from $100 to $100,000 per violation. Thus, there is a need for healthcare providers across the globe to be much more vigilant and compliant with various standards. Compliance services offer expert guidance and support for meeting the requirements along with compliance automation which streamlines the process of achieving the certification. Additionally, Healthcare compliance automation tools can help organizations manage and maintain compliance across their entire system. Utilizing these services and technologies can help ensure the security and privacy of sensitive patient information.

JK Tech provides a managed service that aggregates evidences from various systems and processes centrally and continuously. These evidences enable clients to manage risk and prove compliance. Through our automation platform, we flag compliance anomalies to the client in real-time by configurable notification methods and assist them to focus on actual services to the end-users by supporting them to be vigilant & compliant with all the regulatory compliance needs.

JK Tech Framework for Compliance Automation

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