Challenges With EDI in Supply Chain Industry

Supply Chain
Mohit Gupta

Partner Integration: Design a system that can manage B2B Partners and send data electronically with Real time. Each partner has their own communication protocol like HTTP, FTP and SFTP.

Security: EDI involves Business data that needs to be secured as per Government Regulation.

Integration with ERP: Integrate with Organisation system Like Dynamic 365, Salesforce and SAP.

Realtime Processing: Make Realtime EDI Processing.

EDI Standard: Validate EDI Format as per Partner Standard.

Cost: EDI Application Software and Hardware require financial resources and EDI resources.

Scaling: As Business grows, we need to integrate more and more business partners.

How Azure Logic App Solves These EDI Challenges?

  • Logic App provides Integration Account which helps in managing B2B EDI Partners & EDI agreements.
  • Logic App provides connectors to easily connect with ERP applications Like Dynamic 365, Salesforce and SAP.
  • With Logic App there is no Upfront Setup Cost. It Costs for Realtime processing only.
  • Logic App provide easy way for EDI validation, Error handling and Error notification.
  • It provides a portal to create your own business process and flows visually.
  • It provide On-Premise data gateway which allows our cloud resources to connect with On-premise system.

Azure Logic App


In this document, we will setup how to receive and process an 850 EDI document from Contoso Third Party for Fabrikam company.


  • Azure Subscription
  • EDI 850 schema

Create Resource Group

Create Resource Group to logically relate all artifacts.

Azure Logic App

Create Integration Account

Integration account is secure and scalable container to store artifacts like Schemas, Map, agreements, Assemblies.

Azure Logic App

Upload EDI 850 Schema

Azure Logic App

Add B2B Partners Contoso to Integration Account

Azure Logic App

Add Partner for Host

Partner which represent your organisation known as HOST Partner.

Azure Logic App

Create Agreement to Receive EDI 850 Message from Third Party – Contoso

Azure Logic App

You can setup acknowledgement which you want to send.

Azure Logic App

Create Azure Logic App and Link Integration Account

Link Integration Account:

Azure Logic App

Create and Design Logic App

Azure Logic App

Azure Logic App

In this Logic App, We are processing the 850 EDI from BLOB storage, validating and converting EDI into XML format, and saving XML into another BLOB Storage.

Logic App also saving the Acknowledgement to another BLOB Storage which we can further send to Contoso in EDI format.

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